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Attached Article Plagiarism and Cost.pdf Read an article from a professional journal using the search term, “plagiarism andhigher education.” Your selection of an article must be from a professionaljournal that is no older than 5 years and addresses American universities only.Writean essay APA style on your article and divide it into the following sectionsand headings:ArticleInformation – Cite the article using current APA style as found in your Publication Manual of the AmericanPsychological Association text. (Why? So that you can show your instructorthat you have learned to properly cite an article in APA format.)Summary– Develop a brief 1-page summary of the article in your own words. Do not copyand paste from the journal article as that is plagiarism. Simply provide abrief description in your own words of the topic under consideration in thearticle.Reactionsto Article – In your own words (1 page), interact with the article. Appropriatecomments for this part of the paper should include but are not limited to: yourinitial response to the article, your comments regarding the article, insightsyou gained from reading the article, and other thoughts you have that mightfurther enhance the discussion of your article. .