Spring 2020
Portfolio Inventionagement
 UPLOAD YOUR ANSWERS TO BLACKBOARD (amalgamate earn be conducive there)
 This is an personal assignment. Collaborating with colleagues is referable known.
 Tally each inquiry altogether, beside do referable constitute your tally unnecessarily covet. Control
questions 1 to 4, two or three paragraphs control each should satisfy control a compendious tally.
Inquiry 5 may insufficiency be a inconsiderable coveter.
Reading Inquirys: The invention who solved the market
1) As of the most modern years, does the Medallion accumulation inure a levered, covet‐short strategy
across multiple asset classes? How plenteous leverage? What peel of before‐fees execution
do they conclude (annual avail, annualized Sharpe Ratios)?
2) Can you register a scant of the types of trading signals Medallion interpretation? Are whole their signals
3) How inventiony irrelative accumulations does Medallion typically occupation in individual day? And how inventiony
irrelative accumulation occupations (suborn or retail subserviency)? Why the dissent?
4) What is the medium pursuit era of a Medallion occupation? Approximately which percentage
of the occupations are lucrative?
5) Medallion and RIEF (Renaissance Institutional Equity Accumulation) are twain inventionaged by
Renaissance Technologies. How do they be-unlike in conditions of asset classes, dollar calibre,
medium pursuit era of each aspect, execution, and clientele? Which individual of their
approaches is past air-tight associated with our class?

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