It is a 2 page provision.   
One of the goals and benefits of coaching is to succor self-discovery externally providing the “answer.” The end of this provision is to undertake in a selfdiscovery rule environing your history fruit through the reason of compatriot coaching. You conciliate delineate brace roles in the tenor of this provision. As the coachee (special receiving the coaching), you conciliate reply a order of reminiscent questions on the import of history, your exoteric and/or anticipated history fruit, factors that wave your history fruit, and any recognitions 
gained from completing the TypeFocus Assessment. You conciliate divide your replys with a compatriot coach from the arrange who conciliate reason your replys to lay a coaching conference that is equipd to rocorrection main self-discovery and recognition into your history interests and fruit goals. As the compatriot coach, you conciliate criticism the coachee’s replys and reason a coaching top equivocation to lay restraint the coaching conference[su1] . During a face-toface/Skype/phone consultation (to be moulded by coach and coachee), you conciliate unite with your compatriot coach/coachee and disburse 30 minutes in each role, followed by free-trade in an online arrange debrief. 
Lastly, individually you conciliate transcribe a 2 page compendium and reminiscent tractate on what you read as the coachee and compatriot coach through this rule, what selfdiscoveries, surprises, and affirmations/confirmations you frameed through this practice. Incorporate into your tractate what you own read environing history fruit theories and recognitions frameed from the assessments. 
Through the rulees of self-reflection and coaching, you conciliate frame main reason into your perceptions of history fruit, attain how to grant and take feedback, and fan self-discovery through the susceptibility of questions.

You do not attributable attributable attributable own to be point environing the articles though. 

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