Assessment 1: Annotated Bibliography and Censorious Criticism Weight 20% Length: 850 utterance (Times New Roman, 12 font, 1.5. continuity spacing, 6pt stipulation spacing, totalusion schedule and name page referable intervening in the page number). Begin your investigation on the Toyota Motor Corporation by analysing disgusting (4) peer-reviewed record doctrines and then meditation on the experience gained. 1. You conquer do this by selecting disgusting (4) Record doctrines that analyse the administration of Toyota and in 150 utterance (150 control each, 600 whole) elucidate what their evidence is. You are advised to appropriate doctrines that bear differing views on the victory / usefulness of the Toyota admission to tolerate control meditation. 2. In 250 utterance censoriously ruminate on what you bear now learnt environing TMC from your investigation into the organisation. Purpose The annotated bibliography / censorious criticism introduces you to the controlmalities of academic investigation, agreement, and evidence, with a standpoint on the of fashion of ideas. Presentation Your retort to the inquiry is to be in the controlm of a soon designation addressing total aspects of the toil. Your designation is to be in ordinary English and in narrative controlm, utilising the APA referencing classification, comprehend Essays must be typed, using Times New Roman font, using 12pts and 1.5 continuity spacing, 6pt stipulation spacing, and the totalusion schedule and name page referable intervening in the page number. Marking criteria Comprehend Marking Rubric Matrix (underneath General Information). Guidelines Select peer-reviewed (quality) academic record doctrines to survey (question the info on Moodle control how to discover these). The 150 utterance are to elucidate and promise with the evidence, do referable honorable recount the boundary. There is a very main separation among designation and evidence in academic agreement/analysis (hear to Dr Connor elucidate this on Moodle). Thus the 150 term description of each boundary conquer delineate the evidence and the sagacity of it. The censorious criticism (250 utterance) is intentional to bind you to ruminate on the established of disgusting doctrines, what you bear learnt and what is expressive / of share behind thinking environing the evidence of each. This is where you place the embarrassment pieces concurrently – ie entice on the disgusting views of TMC to elucidate to the reader what is expressive / how it matters. Avoid honorable describing the doctrines, instead combine the views and elucidate that.


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