Assessment 1: Annotated Bibliography and Critical Review Weight 20% Length: 850 words (Times New Roman, 12 font, 1.5. line spacing, 6pt paragraph spacing, reference list and title page not included in the page count). Begin your research on the Toyota Motor Corporation by analysing four (4) peer-reviewed journal articles and then reflecting on the knowledge gained. 1. You will do this by selecting four (4) Journal articles that analyse the management of Toyota and in 150 words (150 for each, 600 total) explain what their argument is. You are advised to choose articles that have differing views on the success / efficacy of the Toyota approach to allow for reflection. 2. In 250 words critically reflect on what you have now learnt about TMC from your research into the organisation. Purpose The annotated bibliography / critical review introduces you to the formalities of academic research, writing, and argument, with a focus on the of synthesis of ideas. Presentation Your response to the question is to be in the form of a short report addressing all aspects of the task. Your report is to be in conventional English and in narrative form, utilising the APA referencing system, see Essays must be typed, using Times New Roman font, using 12pts and 1.5 line spacing, 6pt paragraph spacing, and the reference list and title page not included in the page count. Marking criteria See Marking Rubric Matrix (under General Information). Guidelines Select peer-reviewed (quality) academic journal articles to appraise (consult the info on Moodle for how to find these). The 150 words are to explain and engage with the argument, do not just describe the article. There is a very important distinction between description and argument in academic writing/analysis (listen to Dr Connor explain this on Moodle). Thus the 150 word explanation of each article will condense the argument and the significance of it. The critical review (250 words) is designed to compel you to reflect on the set of four articles, what you have learnt and what is significant / of interest after thinking about the argument of each. This is where you put the puzzle pieces together – ie draw on the four views of TMC to explain to the reader what is significant / how it matters. Avoid just describing the articles, instead combine the views and explain that. VIEW ORDER ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~