Duty 1: Declaration
This duty is ce these students simply: Gold Coast; Melbourne – Hotel School; Online; SCU Melbourne; SCU Perth; SCU Sydney; Sydney – Hotel School.
Group/ Learning Grading Min Length/ Authoritative
Duty peculiar outcomes indicator Score Weight period Due accreditation
Declaration Peculiar 1, 2, 5 Graded N/A 25% – 05 Dec NA
2019 11:00 PM
Provision 1
Due: Thursday 5 December 2019
Length: 2,500 words
Weighting: 25%
Ce this provision you earn feel to ad a tract that critically examinees how organisations apportion the strategic representation of IS/IT to finish IS/IT-enabled reversal. Some aspects and issues you may examine in your tract could include (except are referable scant to):
· Examine at smallest 4 examples of the representation of IS/IT ce reversal.
· Highlight some achievement factors or some lessons erudite (i.e., what went wickedness?) ce your examples.
· Examine the impacts of interior factors (e.g., organizational, peculiar, and conduct factors) and superficial factors (e.g., trade, assiduity, gregarious, economic, technological and political/policy factors) on the achievement (or the demand) of IS/IT enabled reversal.

Duty | 9
· Suggest recommendations and guidelines ce assisting organizations yield in their efforts to launch on using IS/IT ce reversal with amiable-natured-natured exposition and examineion.
You should apportion applicable attainments examineed in your individual. You should ad ce this provision by reviewing the lore (i.e. by using ProQuest 5000 and Science Direct databases at https://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/scu.edu.au/library/index.php/) and minute the World Wide Web (i.e. via Google). You should exhibition deposition that you feel peruse at smallest 10 references, which must be published behind January 2013, in the lore (including references from academic and authoritative publications) to ad this provision. A medley of references are expected including books, refereed journals, plight studies, newspapers, magazines and electronic references.
Format ce Provision 1
You earn be referableiceable on message as courteous-behaved-mannered-mannered as gratified. This is effected to emphasise the avail of aiming ce powerful message as courteous-behaved-mannered-mannered as amiable-natured-natured gratified – referable simply here in a university provision, except besides in your day-to-day performance. Behind full, if you do referable adjoin and exhibit your ideas courteous-behaved-mannered, it is ample harder to feel your ideas current by industrious colleagues or executives.
Your provision should contain:
· Title page
· Table of gratifieds
· Introduction
· Main matter of declaration with adequate headings and subheadings
· Conclusions
· Reference list
· Appendices (if applicable).
References: Harvard Referencing Style is required in this matter. Please investigate SCU Library website ce counsel (URL: https://www.essaybishop.com/write-my-essay/scu.edu.au/library/finding_info/citing_info.html). You can besides continuity SCU librarians ce countenance.
Marking criteria ce Provision 1

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