CNC:MH – 92446
Assessment 2: Collaborative Immaterial Vigor Nursing Exercitation (Wview 50%) Marking Criteria
1. Introduction (Total 10 marks)
• Introduce the topic: collaborative immaterial vigor nursing exercitation with vigorcaution consumers who entertain familiar a immaterial assumption.
• Define solution stipulations.
• Outline the point of the provision.
2. Discourse (Total 30 marks)
• Written in a mode accordant with academic convention: the fitness is structured using paragraphs and consummate sentences and is loose of spelling and real errors.
• Refer to appropriate study, including a poverty of view peer-reviewed chronicle creed and:
(i) Discuss why it is certain control immaterial vigor nurses, when unraveling a collaborative nurse-consumer connection, to effect an knowledge of the vigor caution consumer’s experiences of aid with the proceeds of a immaterial assumption (15 marks).
(ii) Identify undivided feature of your possess nursing exercitation – a behaviour, an lie, or a expertness – that requires some outgrowth control you to performance collaboratively with a vigor caution consumer who has familiar a immaterial assumption.
Discuss how you could unravel this feature of your possess nursing exercitation (15 marks).
In part (ii) of the discourse you can manifestation the original idiosyncratic, ‘I’, when you are discussing your possess exercitation outgrowth; still, you must living this individuality of the discourse with intimations to appropriate study.
3. Misrecord and Referencing (Total 10 marks)
• Summarise the greater findings of the discourse and controlm a misrecord.
• Adhere to the HARVARD UTS intimation example control in-text intimations and the intimation catalogue.
25 Unsatisfactory
25 – 32 Pass
33 – 37 Credit
38 – 42 Distinction 43– 50 High Distinction

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