Duty Task 1
Forces of Substitute and Digitalisation restraint Operational Correction
Due: Week 3
Value: 35%
Format: A Declaration eligible restraint introduction at a elder organisational level
Word length: 2000
Learning outcomes: 1, 2, 3
Task overview
This duty gives you an convenience to reveal that you can allot concepts covered
in topics 1-3 by preparing a declaration grounded on the consecrated scenario. The declaration is divided into two
Scenario: Imagine that you entertain been tasked as a elder design head to reconsideration your
organisation or a function’s present operations. You are required to either analyse your own
organisation or an choice single as agreed by your facilitator.
Your charter is to consequence a discourse dissertation pitched restraint a elder executive collection on the
rationale restraint substitute in your organisation or function and contemplated benefits of adopting
digitalisation as an enabler restraint delivering organisational and operational corrections.
Task patronymic – Individuality 1
GSB005 Managing Operational Correction: Unit Manage
The verge of this principal individuality is to initiate the course of knowledge operational corrections
from a macro perspective.
• The principal tramp is to lore explanation global restraintces of substitute such as diligence 4.0, the
internet of things and digitalisation and how such substitutes are impacting your diligence
or sector including your organisation.
• The prevent tramp is to think on your organisation and its present access to
operations and the quantity to which the organisation is responding to these restraintces of
substitute including challenges. A example of your organisation’s present formation or
service exhibition could be interjacent.
• The third tramp is to briefly debate your organisation’s present vocation and operations
and pre-eminence areas perceived to be in need of correction using the ordain winners and
qualifiers framework as a manage (advert Hill & Hill 2017/2018 textbook chapters 2 and

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