Assessment Task 1: Individual Research Essay
1) Assessment Details
The interpolitical director Purpose:
Describe, using academic references, the interpolitical challenges and likely opportunities coercion directors unhindered in a global environment.
Provide a new skilled observation of an Australian organisation which has faced the challenges of interpolitical rivalry and disquisition. You can representation companies which own been in new tidings, such as Qantas, or Coerciond, coercion sources.
Give your specific inspection of how some of the encounter generating and solutions could own been handled in a over serviceable process.
You earn experience chapters 1, 2, 3, and 9, 11, 14 from Luthans & Doh (2014) specially appropriate, along with other readings.
2) Criteria representationd to gait this task
1. Style: Essay
2. Due date: Week 5
3. Contribution to assessment: 25%
4. Promise proviso: 2000 (gladden comprise a promise enumerate)
• Good definition of interpolitical environment, challenges oppositeness directors unhindered in a global duty environment.
• Demonstrate insightful definition of the encountering composition and use appropriate frameworks and superintendence principles to analyse and gustation the superintendence solutions.
• A conspicuous close issue betwixt paragraphs.
• Comprehensiveness of evidence, dedicated promise proviso.
1) Task Assessor Lecturer
2) Suggested occasion to allot to this task
A suggested minimum of fifteen hours revision occasion
3) Acquiescence details
Students are required to acquiesce an electronic observation of their provision to the Turnitin acquiescence connect (via the conduct Moodle page) in week 5.
4) Feedback and requite of work
Marked provisions shall be requiteed to students among couple weeks. If over occasion is required, the lecturer shall tell students in proceeding.

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