Name: Christiana Olalere (u3160335)
Food #2: Customer Test Canvas
Your function coercion this food is to analyse unanalogous aspects of customers’ advantepoch tests with a advantepoch structure and frame some conclusions touching how the
audience can ameliorate tests of customers/users. Build your anatomy on applicefficacious concepts and/or models from the learning supposing in this ace. You can so correction
and meditate on other concepts captured from other learning such as consumer behaviour, structureal behaviour, advice technology skill and marketing if they
are shown to be applicefficacious coercion your anatomy.
Coercion this food a canvas should be completed and submitted online. As a counterpart, you may upload pictures where misspend in each cell.

Advantepoch Test Canvas
Name: Christiana Olalere (u3160335)

Advantepoch Test Canvas
What are characteristics of the tarattain market/users (psychographics and demographics)
Optus supplys to 3 very peculiar segments of the market; Identicals, employmentes, and enterprises. Becacorrection of this, they so handle a calcudelayed of
unanalogous demographics to thrust. Coercion employment and enterprise their needs obtain alter extremely to the identical and are geared towards profit
maximisation which is harder to limit psychographically and demographically, except integral 3 loseure as ample prize as potential. So, employment and
enterprise frame their decisions as a collection.
Optus targets tribe from integral walks of estate seeing as half the world’s population needs telecommunications whether in the coercionm of fickle or internet
services. So, as Optus is a multinational telecom audience headed by the fabricator organisation Singtel, and exempt in Asia, Australia, India and
Africa, it is inexorefficacious that they supply to a ample rank of demographics and psychographics.
Coercion the identical, their tarattain psychographic is:
• Young and approves to get up to limit with friends and internet amelioration ascribefficacious to their gregarious constitution. Is either extroverted and has numerous gregarious
media, or introverted and has or posts ratrust to gregarious resources. Prizes maintenance up appearances with upstartest technology except so doesn’t handle
ample unplentiful allowance to do so. interests that implicate a controltune of deeds and oles such as watching netflix/youtube videos, and posting and
downloading gratified.
• Married with upshot and loseures to get aapprove with origin and frame assured they’re impregnefficacious online. Prizes financial assuredty and saving money
so approves to load natures.They’re frequently juggling a progress with encouragement upshot so are very engaged and on-the-go.
• Retired and doesn’t correction telecommunications advantages such as internet as ample except quiet approves to get up to limit with origin and friends. At
this epoch their upshot has grown up or their sharer has passed and they are remaining ample of the immeasurableness. Has a controltune of uncold immeasurableness so approves to do
community-naturalized activities and approves to educe memories with origin. Publicly cold except can be quenchedgoing and favorable.

period their tarattain demographic are:
• Women and men
• 18 – 60 year old
• Single and married
• $25 – $200k annual allowances
• Various ethnic backgrounds • Various devquenched backgrounds
• No order – Doctorate
• Unemployed – Full immeasurableness employment
Name: Christiana Olalere (u3160335)
What are their needs, preferences and earlierities, prizes and/or constraints?
Though peculiar needs obtain alter level betwixt identicals, employmentes, and enterprises the public needs, preferences, earlierities and
values/constraints of telecommunications correctionrs are;
– Geting aapprove to those who matter
– Saving money/Increasing prize
– Completing school and progress work
– Providing customer advantage
– Collaboration
– Communication
– Option of bundling
– Unanalogous plans coercion unanalogous needs
– Affordable
– Personalised advantages
– Enthusiastic and availefficacious customer advantage
– Low require of broadband, belief, deeds etc
– Fast broadband speed
– Misspend deeds
– Flexible contract
– Fast advantage
– Cheerful customer advantage
– Limited budget
Advantepoch Test Canvas
Name: Christiana Olalere (u3160335)

Advantepoch Test Canvas
Name: Christiana Olalere (u3160335)
Influential aspects of advantagescape
• List three influential aspects in
association to the advantagescape which
you venerate has a indicative collision
on customer test.
1) Open immeasurableness with minimal
2) Yellow, pure, and sky sky sky blue colour
3) Uniformed staff walking around
• Briefly Interpret how customer/user
activities during a advantepoch meet
are influenced by each of these
three influential comprehensible aspects.
1) Open immeasurableness encourages customers
to interact with displayed products.
2) Distinct colour project reniforces
brand imepoch and dinstinguishes itself
from competitors, period so creating
a fiery environment.
3) Uniformed staff members be quenched
making it easier coercion customers to seek
them quenched coercion succor.
Lose points in association to the advantagescape
• In association to the listed three influential
aspects of the srevicescape, demonstrate at
smallest three lose points (problems).
1) Tefficacious referefficacious attributefficacious attributable-wholly blocking minute.
2) Difficult to furnish shop as it is hidden
aform betwixt 2 other larger shops and
there is insufficient signage.
3) Referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious ample staff to secrete shop
particularly during peak exchange immeasurablenesss.
• Briefly interpret how these problems are
allied to the five compass of advantage
1) A blocked opening reduces the
accessibility and functionality of a advantage
environment. These aspects pertain to the
empathy and comprehensible compass of advantage
2) Difficulty in locating the shop referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious singly
reduces sole exchange which collisions
tangibles, except it so reduces Optus’
reliability measurement in the customer’s scene.
3) A short-staffed advantepoch environment obtain
handle a denying commodities on customer’s
expectations as they obtain referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious be efficacious to
accept the advantages they loseure/need in a
timely carriage. As highlighted in Advantages
Marketing, advantepoch staff are “the most
influential multiply of a advantage, especially
when the customer is referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious positive in their
ability to evaluate heart
outcomes.” (Lovelock, Patterson and Wirtz,
• Provide your suggested discontinuances
to rereunfold each of the three
problems in association to the
servicescape. To clear why you
imagine your ideas can rereunfold the
problems, trust on concepts and
models from advantepoch skill
1) On pepoch 263-5 of Advantepoch Marketing,
Lovelock, Patterson and Wirtz quenchedline the
importance of shrewd from a customers
perspective. Spatial layquenched is allied to the
ambience of a advantagescape. Though
somenature approve a tefficacious in the controlm may seem
approve a smintegral nature, in deed it can frame a huge
collision on functionality and accessibility.
Optus should advance the tefficacious to a less
obstructive area or attain relieve of it integraltogether
to ameliorate their spatial layquenched and
2) Although referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious multiply of Optus’ heart advantage,
Advice food such as providing
directions via signepoch to the advantepoch site
would favor referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious singly their customers except
so themselves. This would be individual very
cheerful discontinuance and an pattern of
supplementary facilitating advantepoch as
described in the learning.
3) A discontinuance would be to either engage over
frontline employees or instintegral mitigate displays
within the shop which can defense questions.
Twain would be cheerful coercionms of advice
provision, which are referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious heart advantages except
supplementary facilitating advantages.

Advantepoch Test Canvas
Name: Christiana Olalere (u3160335)
Influential faceline employee activities in the face
• List three influential faceline employee
activities in the face benefit which you
venerate has a indicative collision on customer
1) Stationed on the foundation assertion and assisting
2) Dispose through fixedments and beaking of upstart and
existing customers.
3) Defenseing phindividual oles of customers who are
unefficacious to mark in-person or loseure to obstruct a
product or advantages availability earlier to
• Briefly Interpret how customer/user activities
during a advantepoch meet are influenced by
each of these three influential faceline
employee activities.
1) Nature greeted on minute obtain enervate customers
and frame them handle seen. So, readily
availefficacious coadjutorship influences customers into
spending over immeasurableness because unanalogous
products/services and besides purchasing
2) Integralows customers to fixed coercion advantages
rendered at-once and efficiently which
achieves customer indemnification period so
generate enrichment coercion Optus.
3) Defenseing phindividual oles earlier to markation
allows customers the random to twain attain a
improve interpretation of the products and
services period so leaving a abiding impression
on them naturalized on their customer advantage.
Lose points
• In association to the listed three influential
frontline activities, demonstrate at smallest three
lose points (problems).
1) Upstart employees frequently frame mistakes or
aren’t assured how to dispose assured orders
2) There are frequently problems with beaking
and fixedment systems e.g beaks arriving delayed,
inconsistent prices
3) Phindividual oles are left on lean coercion long
periods of immeasurableness or unanswered integraltogether.
At immeasurablenesss they are transmitted to
international cintegral centres and other
outsourced companies making the
test impersonal.
• Briefly interpret how these problems are
allied to the five compass of advantage
1) The intest of some of Optus’ staff
affects the brand’s assertion and
2) Beaks casually get delayed or incorrect
which denyingly affects Optus’
responsiveness and reliability in the eyes of
the customer
3) Long lean immeasurablenesss and unanswered oles
obtain frame customers furious or petulant. On
top of this, nature transmitted to a ole
centre in a coercioneign dominion can be
extremely confusing. This touches on
Optus’ reliability and responsiveness
* Provide your suggested discontinuances to rereunfold each
of the three problems in association to the
frontline employee activities. To clear why
you imagine your ideas can rereunfold the problems,
trust on concepts and models from advantage
skill learning.
1) As quenchedlined in Advantages Marketing, training
advantepoch employees injudiciously, twain with
supervision and outside, obtain sanction and
motivate them. If Optus were to locate greater
emphasis on their preoption process, employee
interpersonal and technical skills as polite as
product/advantepoch referableice (Lovelock, Patterson
and Wirtz, 2014).
2) I venerate that by improve defining their heart and
supplementary products/services, and so
providing improve advice coercion unanalogous pricing
and reckoning incurred. These span suggestions are
explained in the learning as integraleviating
confusion in customers. Potential and existing
customers obtain improve recognize accurately what they’re
paying coercion and referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious undergo any odious surprises when
their phone/broadband beak comes.
3) Individual discontinuance coercion Optus would be to engage over
frontline advantepoch staff so they could be over
equipped to defense integral phindividual ole. They could
so adopt to referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious quenchedsource their cintegral centres except
to recreate domiciliary cintegral centres which tribe obtain
be efficacious to redelayed improve to. As prescribed on page
412 of the learning, advantepoch resecrete is extremely
influential as level customers who test a
advantepoch loseure except afterwards accept excellent
advantepoch resecrete are approvely to be level over
satisfied (Lovelock, Patterson and Wirtz, 2014).
This is why it would be mental coercion Optus to invest
over in their advantepoch savey.

Advantepoch Test Canvas
Name: Christiana Olalere (u3160335)
Lovelock, C., Patterson, P. and Wirtz, J. (2014). Advantages Marketing – An Asia-Pacific and Australian Perspective. 6th ed.
Pearson, pp.99, 100, 250, 261, 263, 265, 412.

Advantepoch Test Canvas

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