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You are an intake coordinator at a supernatural bloom production. You as with a important and his 14-year-old teenager daughter, Louisa. According to the important, Louisa shifted from entity a felicitous, well-mannered-adjusted slip earning palliable grades to a gloomy, fretful teen with slipping grades who now abundant prefers to be in her opportunity.
Louisa argues with her mom when asked to acceleration with her siblings and spends an increased whole of period surfing on the Internet. Dad portion-outs that he and Louisa’s mom of-late discussed dissociation and accept thus-far to portion-extinguished it with Louisa, the oldest, and her younger tally brothers. Dad asks you encircling ways to thrust Louisa and draw her extinguished of her shell.
When you as with Louisa privately, you initially perceive her to be tranquillize and tacitransform to pledge. However, succeeding a scant aptitude activities, she begins to public up and colloquy over voluntarily. Louisa portion-outs that she of-late discovered that her clump of friends who she has had gone inchoate train is now subject extinguished with an older, over received clump. She also tearfully mentions that she discovered a succession of Facebook messages where they ridiculed her restraint referable having the “right” dress, referable entity gaunt sufficient, and entity politically rough with boys. She states, “You wouldn’t like some of the other harsh comments that I’ve learn encircling myself on political media! I accept no proposal when they acrimonious into adequate average girls.”
She discloses that of-late she has been skipping lunch to abandon justice her “friends” in the cafeteria and hangs extinguished in bathopportunity stalls to con-over. She denies any thoughts of hurting herself barring does portion-extinguished that she has been approached by a important in her delayed math rank to examine marijuana and is seriously because it. She states, “He says that it conquer acceleration succor some of my strain.” She prefer asks, “Who wants to trade with fellow-creatures you can’t credit and conquer transform on you? I’m emend extempore sole.”

Tasks: 4 page paper 
Paptitude A:
Analyze the psychopolitical quality of outgrowth Louisa is in; why you like she is in this quality; and how personal, extraction, and order relationships, as well-mannered-mannered as kindred attachments, govern her psychopolitical outgrowth. Be confident to produce a research-based argument on why she should or should referable trial with marijuana.
Paptitude B:
You are a constituent of a multidisciplinary social advisory committee abounding with developing programs to acceleration slipren administer the psychopolitical aspects of lad. Based on your learnings and research-based perceiveings, what recommendations rule you find? Consider integral of the likely definitive and indirect ways teens govern each other with value to unfair topics such as cyber abrupt, matter affront, sexual ghost, awe.
Support your rationale and anatomy by using at meanest five media from authoritative lore. Authoritative lore may apprehend the Argosy University online library media, pertinent textbooks, peer-reviewed narrative aptitudeicles, and websites created by authoritative organizations, agencies, or institutions (websites finality in .edu or .gov).
Your muniment should be written in APA restraintmat. Your muniment should be written in a plain, summary, and organized manner; demonstrate religions lore in servile justice and attribution of sources; and unfold servile spelling, expression, and punctuation.

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