Assignment: 400 words 1. As a leader

Assignment: 400 words
1. As a leader, the most important part of being a leader is setting a good example. Why is this?
2. What is a manager’s role in achieving company goals?
3. Why must you show your staff that you support the business goals?
4. What type of communication methods can you use to help a team become more independent (and take responsibility for their own work)?
5. List 3 innovations in the hospitality industry, that you may discuss with your team:
6. Why encouraging and rewarding staff important?
7. How does having your team fully informed about business objectives and goals help business?
8. When someone has a criticism of your team’s performance why does this reflect badly on you?
9. What does using feedback provide team members with?
10. Finish this sentence. If the employee has done a good job, then the feedback should be:
11. Finish this sentence. If you need to provide criticism to an employee, then the feedback should:
12. List 3 ways you can help individuals develop within a team
13. You can use KPIs which can help you monitor team performance, to make sure your team is progressing towards achieving goals. What does KPIs stand for?
14. KPIs should conform to the SMART principle. What does SMART stand for?
15. How often should you provide coaching or mentoring to your team?
16. List 2 aspects with example which can affect how much coaching or mentoring a person may need .