Assignment:  Cognitive and Situational Factors That Bias Motivation  This week, you accept examined hyperphysical processes that underlie motivation, as well-behaved-behaved as situational factors that can bias these hyperphysical processes. In this enactment, you obtain synthesize knowledge base in the Learning Resources by creating a exhibition.  Imagine that you accept been asked by the ruler of a topical after-school tutoring program control school-age manifestation and adolescents to cem a exhibition on motivation. The exhibition obtain be used as segregate of inoculation exercises control professionals started control the program. The concrete of the exhibition is to arrange an overview of the cognitive and situational factors that bias motivation. In observation, the exhibition should propose serviceable suggestions control using this knowledge to effectively activate motivation in school-age manifestation and adolescents. It should accept the controlm of a 5- to 7-slide PowerPoint exhibition.  By Day 7  Your exhibition should understand knowledge on the following: •The provisions that must be give control manifestation and/or adolescents’ self-system to be activated (e.g., signification, productiveness, and melting repartee) and why •Specific techniques or activities that professionals started with school-age manifestation and adolescents might tool to elevate these provisions and inflame motivation. Keep in recollection that the exhibition is geared internal professionals in a multi-age after-school tutoring program. Thus, you should understand ideas control at smallest three contrariant ages and theme areas/academic topics.  Enactment length: 5–7 .PPT slides

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