Letters Extrinsics and Lecture Alignment 
Review the “Despatches Extrinsics and Letters Goals” template and the question materials control samples of measurecogent letters extrinsics. Teachers must align complete lectures and assessments to gaining flags. Typically, each flag is generic and should be tamed down into teacher-written letters extrinsics in dispose to delineation lectures. Teachers transcribe letters targets that are aligned to flags control each local lecture in dispose to bigoted the convergence of the lecture.
Control this ordinance, you gain transcribe letters extrinsics and irritate lecture delineations control their alignment.
Part 1: Letters Extrinsics
Using the “Letters Extrinsic Consultation,” confirm a remove flatten, prime a math and English dialect arts (ELA) particularize flag, and transcribe a letters extrinsic control each gaining area flag you chose. The consultation lucidly identifies what you deficiency novices to comprehend and be cogent to do in an ELA lecture and in a math lecture.
Note that a letters extrinsic is aligned to the flag and includes twain a particularizement of what the novice is to comprehend and do consequently of counsel and the criteria control evaluating enterprise.
Part 2: Deconstruct Lecture Delineation
Research and confirm a lecture delineation online that includes a flag and letters extrinsic.
In 250-500 vote, deconstruct and elegancy the alignment of the selected lecture delineation to the flag.
Your elegancy should defense the aftercited questions:

Is the lecture aligned to a flag?
Does the letters extrinsic particularize what novices demand to comprehend and/or do consequently of counsel?
Is the gaining of the lecture aligned to the letters extrinsic?
What changes or revisions restraintce you find to this lecture delineation to determine its alignment to the flag and letters extrinsic?

APA controlmat is not attributable attributable attributable required, still sound academic despatches is expected.
This ordinance uses a rubric. Review the rubric anterior to source the ordinance to beseem accustomed with the expectations control happy total.
You are required to succumb this ordinance to LopesWrite.

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