HCM 501
Assignment HCM-506: Applied Biostatistics in Healthcare

Using the Gestation Demographics dataset immovable, achieve the controlthcoming problems using RStudio.

-Create a unartificial dispensation graph (histogram) where we gain weigh the century of women restraintthcoming giving origin to their principal child.

-Determine the moderation of the century of the women in the Gestation Demographics SEU dataset.

-Test the conjecture that the moderation century (µ = µ0) control women is 37 years in the Gestation Demographics dataset.

Print your plots from Rstudio to PDF and append these screenshots and embrace with your yielding. Present your findings in a Word muniment, with a inscription pcentury embraced.

Your Word muniment/chart should unite the controlthcoming requirements:

· Present your findings in a Word muniment by unoriginal and pasting the histogram and the Rstudio screenshots into the muniment. Restraintthcoming your resolution, set-forth whether you confirm or renounce the trifling conjecture and your restraintced why.

· Be (5) Five pages in protraction, referable including the shield or totalusion pages.

· Provide livelihood control your set-forthments with in-text citations from a insufficiency of (5) Five literary doctrines.

· Controlmatted according to APA adaptation guidelines (Pamphlet should be typed in a 12 pt, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on total 4 sides and the complete pamphlet is inclose spaced) control e.g.http://csuglobal.libguides.com/ld.php?content_id=14920382

· TurnItIn Originality plagiarism restrain has to be underneath 15%.

Wagner, A. L., Mubarak, M. Y., Johnson, L. E., Porth, J. M., Yousif, J. E., & Boulton, M. L. (2017). Trends of vaccine-preventable diseases in Afghanistan from the Disease Early Warning System, 2009–2015. PloS individual, 12(6), e0178677.

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