Provision Requirements
You possess been consecrated the convenience to establish a occurrence to gain pleasantryding from a panel of experiment capitalists to unravel a upstartlightlight IT utilitys interest. You may select an existing IT utility concept and subjoin you confess rare competitive advantages; alter an IT utility model; or constitute a infamy upstartlightlight IT utility concept. You should determine your target vestigeet/demographic is obvious and well-mannered-justified. You are encouraged to be intellectual and to deduce IT utilitys that align with the ultimate technologies and trends, such as quenchedvie computing, IoT (Internet of Things), active machines/intelligent agents/sensors, and virtual/augmented genuineness. In subjoinition, upcoming industries/sectors (referable attributable necessarily amid IT itself) can be explored. Your aggravateture should be realistic and involve conducive interest risks.

You must offer the subjoined in your aggravateture:

Description of the utility package
Competitor analysis
The strategic utility trust & competitive utility strategies
Utility blueprint
Technology used in the utility model
Tall roll aggravateview of the project of the utility enterprise
Rare aspects of the projected utility performance
Start-up pleasantryding requested from the experiment capitalists including a tall roll budget and projected annual specie stream aggravate the original three years of performance.
Additional bearing instruction may so be involved that strengthens and supports the aggravateture. Control pattern, the utility meet and maintaining disposition.

All bunchs can implore the earliest experiment capitalist (the Ace Chair) well-mannered-mannered in track of the deadline control an sign on the decorum of your IT utility concept, parallel with some judicious ideas/documentation if you possess doubts/concerns.

Content lay a administrative relation and allusion as required using the Harvard diction. Assistance and patterns on relation fitness and referencing are conducive from Deakin’s Study Support locality.

Submission Requirements
Campus and Quenchedvie students:the near analysis relation must be 1-2 pages crave and simply involve tall-roll component. Content surrender undivided relation per bunch to the Provision 2 provision folder in the QuenchedvieDeakin ace locality previous to the deadline. A detached demo/prototype/visualisation/animation of your projected utility concept can be involved.

Campus students: you are so required to lay and concede a 4 searching PowerPoint offeration of your IT utility concept followed by questions to the arrange during your seminar in Week 11 (preparation 23 Sept, 2019) as if you are pitching to experiment capitalists. Undivided bunch limb must so surrender the offeration slides (and any sustaining supplementary referable attributable attributablees) to the Provision 2 folder on/before the provision deadline.

All bunch limbs must be offer and bear-a-share in the offeration – spontaneous a medical certificate is handed in, absent limbs accomplish referable attributable attributable attributable be awarded vestiges control this provision.
You accomplish so be awarded vestiges on the offeration skills and the aggravateall disposition of the offeration. Be intellectual and possess a fragment of pleasantry, yet guard it administrative! There accomplish be questions which should be answered convincingly.
Students accomplish possess the convenience to words control the utility concepts offered that they would objectue in if they were experiment capitalists (and to swing the earliest experiment capitalist’s pleasantryding decisions).
Outvie students: you are required to lay a pre-recorded 4 searching offeration of your IT utility concept. Content so involve at the object some subjoinitional answers from questions you would look-for from the experiment capitalists. Undivided bunch limb should content surrender this smooth to the Provision 2 provision folder in QuenchedvieDeakin by the deadline on the bunch’s side.

Before commencing your provision you are encouraged to interpret the 2 papers posted amid the Provision 2 module – Innovation’s Holy Grailand How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution.

Marking Criteria
Criterion Marks
Utility Package 20
Competitor Analysis 20
Utility Trust & Competitive Strategies 20
Utility Blueprint 10
Innovation & the role/impact of technology 20
Utility Aggravateview & Operating Strategy 20
Oral offeration 10
Overall disposition (writing, layout/formatting, spelling/grammar) 5
Referencing 5
Total (accomplish be scaled tail to a vestige quenched of 30) 130

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