Assignment Requirements You have been given the opportunity to make a case to win funding from a panel of venture capitalists to develop a new IT services business. You may choose an existing IT service concept and add you own unique competitive advantages; modify an IT service model; or create a brand new IT service concept. You should ensure your target market/demographic is clear and well-justified. You are encouraged to be creative and to consider IT services that align with the latest technologies and trends, such as cloud computing, IoT (Internet of Things), smart machines/intelligent agents/sensors, and virtual/augmented reality. In addition, upcoming industries/sectors (not necessarily within IT itself) can be explored. Your proposal should be realistic and include calculated business risks. You must present the following in your proposal: Description of the service package Competitor analysis The strategic service vision & competitive service strategies Service blueprint Technology used in the service model High level overview of the design of the service enterprise Unique aspects of the proposed service operation Start-up funding requested from the venture capitalists including a high level budget and proposed annual cash flow over the first three years of operation. Additional relevant information may also be included that strengthens and supports the proposal. For example, the service encounter and maintaining quality. All groups can ask the primary venture capitalist (the Unit Chair) well in advance of the deadline for an indication on the appropriateness of your IT service concept, along with some initial ideas/documentation if you have doubts/concerns. Please provide a professional report and reference as required using the Harvard style. Assistance and examples on report writing and referencing are available from Deakin’s Study Support site. Submission Requirements Campus and Cloud students:the short summary report must be 1-2 pages long and only include high-level detail. Please submit one report per group to the Assignment 2 assignment folder in the CloudDeakin unit site prior to the deadline. A separate demo/prototype/visualisation/animation of your proposed service concept can be included. Campus students: you are also required to prepare and deliver a 4 minute PowerPoint presentation of your IT service concept followed by questions to the class during your seminar in Week 11 (beginning 23 Sept, 2019) as if you are pitching to venture capitalists. One group member must also submit the presentation slides (and any supporting supplementary notes) to the Assignment 2 folder on/before the assignment deadline. All group members must be present and participate in the presentation – unless a medical certificate is handed in, absent members will not be awarded marks for this assignment. You will also be awarded marks on the presentation skills and the overall quality of the presentation. Be creative and have a bit of fun, but keep it professional! There will be questions which should be answered convincingly. Students will have the opportunity to vote for the service concepts presented that they would invest in if they were venture capitalists (and to influence the primary venture capitalist’s funding decisions). Cloud students: you are required to prepare a pre-recorded 4 minute presentation of your IT service concept. Please also include at the end some additional answers from questions you would expect from the venture capitalists. One group member should please submit this file to the Assignment 2 assignment folder in CloudDeakin by the deadline on the group’s behalf. Readings Before commencing your assignment you are encouraged to read the 2 papers posted within the Assignment 2 module – Innovation’s Holy Grailand How to Start an Entrepreneurial Revolution. Marking Criteria Criterion Marks Service Package 20 Competitor Analysis 20 Service Vision & Competitive Strategies 20 Service Blueprint 10 Innovation & the role/impact of technology 20 Service Overview & Operating Strategy 20 Oral presentation 10 Overall quality (writing, layout/formatting, spelling/grammar) 5 Referencing 5 Total (will be scaled back to a mark out of 30) 130 ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~