Assignments, Fatigue and the Impaired Nurse

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Professional Challenges: Nurse-Patient Boundaries, Staffing, Unsafe Assignments, Fatigue and the Impaired Nurse
Module 4: To-Do List
• Read assigned Readings
• Watch Lecture Videos
• Participate in Discussion
• Complete Assignment
• Watch Review video and Reflection Journal
Readings 1 of 5
Unsafe Assignments: How Do Nurses Respond?
Texas Board of Nursing – Selected Laws and Rules – Safe Harbor
Citation: Welcome to the Texas Board of Nursing Website. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Go to the Board’s Home Page. From there you can click on “Law and Rules”. From there you can select Law (Nursing Practice Act) or Rules & Regulations. Then just follow the Table of Contents to find the selected section or rule. Safe Harbor: Rules 217.20
Safe Harbor Forms and explanation of Safe Harbor
Citation: Texas Board of Nursing – Safe Harbor Forms – Nursing Peer Review. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Readings 2 of 5
Boundaries and Social Media
Boundaries and Social Media
Citation: A Nurse’s Guide to Professional Boundaries. (n.d.). Retrieved from
National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s Brochure on Nurse:Patient Boundaries
Nursing and Technology: Social Networking
Citation: White Paper: A Nurse’s Guide to the Use of Social Media. (n.d.). Retrieved from
National Council of State Boards of Nursing. “White Paper: A Nurse’s Guide to the Use of Social Media”.
Social Media Guidelines for Nurses
Citation: Social Media Guidelines for Nurses [Video file]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
YouTube Summary of the NCSBN White Paper.
Board’s Position Statement on Nurses and Social Media
Citation: Texas Board of Nursing – Practice – Position Statements . (n.d.). Retrieved from
Go to the above website and scroll to Position Statement 15.29.
Readings 3 of 5
Nurses Working Fatigued: A Major Issue in the Profession
Nurse Working Hours Summary Document
Citation: Nurses Offer Feedback on Proposed Nursing Work Hours Position Statement. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Go to the above website and scroll to “Employment Issues”. Review the pdf “Nursing Work Hours Summary”.
Nursing Fatigue: The Human Factor
Citation: Tabone, Stephanie. (2004). Nurse fatigue: The human factor. Texas Nursing, June-July 2004.
Readings 4 of 5
Peer Assistance Programs for the Impaired Nurse
Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice
Citation: Masters, K. (2014). Role development (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett. Chapters 14 & 15

Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses (TPAPN)
Citation: Welcome to TPAPN – Texas Nurses Association. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Access the website, and explore the following sections: TPAPN Home Page and click on “Read More” (How TPAPN Works, When to Refer), and the Participant Handbook.
Rule 217.13 Peer Assistance Program
Citation: Retrieved from$ext.TacPage?sl=T&app=9&p_dir=N&p_rloc=117062&p_tloc=&p_ploc=1&pg=3&p_tac=&ti=22&pt=11&ch=217&rl=13

Board’s Statements on Chemical Dependency and Nurses
Citation: Texas Board of Nursing – Practice – Nursing Practice. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Readings 5 of 5
Understaffing by hospitals: A Universal Problem in the US?
Nurse Staffing Overview
Citation: Nurse Staffing. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Safe Staffing Fact Sheet
Citation: Safe Staffing: The Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Safe Staffing: Critical for Patients and Nurses

State Safe Staffing Legislation
Citation: Nurse Staffing Plans & Ratios. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Module 4: Lectures ( see PDF attachments)
Staffing Rules

Module 4: Discussion
Documentation Affected by Under Staffing or Misappropriation of Narcotics?
What sections of the Nursing Practice Act and the Board Rules address documentation?
The nurse cannot make more staff magically appear. What could the nurse have done, under these circumstances, to improve her documentation and perhaps avoid being reported to the Board? (NOTE: In the real case upon which this scenario is built, the nurse did testify that she felt that she had allowed herself to get lulled into the “that’s the way we do it” mentality for that unit!)
What do you feel is the best way to handle narcotic wastage if another nurse is not readily available?
Suppose you are an investigator with the Board. Open and read the sample background information and notice letter from the Board by clicking on the link. Then discuss the above questions with your colleagues. You must reply to a minimum of two of your fellow students.

Background Information and Sample Notice Letter
Your participation in this Discussion will be graded upon the detail and accuracy of your contributions to the discussion. You will need to reply to a minimum of 2 students
Module 4: Assignment
Download the Module 4 Assignment document onto your computer. Type directly onto the document, save your work. ( see attachments)

Submission directions are added to the bottom of the Assignment document.
***You must write your answer in a different color than black on the assignment.***

Module 4 Assignment: Reflective Journal
You are asked to reflect on 3 of the key points for each class. Each entry should reflect on your understanding of the topic, your experiences and observations in your work environment or general nursing environment regarding the module topic. Reflections must be critically thought out with examples
Each response to every question must be at least 3-4 well written sentences using critical thinking. No partial credit. Follow the example. Do not be shocked when you receive minimal credit on this assignment because you did not read and follow this statement!!!