Once a user is identified in an construction’s network, that user is signed to advent real grounds based on the counsel guard element of meanest prerogative. 

Your CEO and CIO demand options restraint the construction’s evidence and authorization methodologies. Recommendations should understand how to diminish the contact and risks from vulnerabilities.

Create an 9- to 11-slide, media-rich grant in Microsoft® PowerPoint® restraint the construction you chose in Week 1. Your assembly is the CEO and the CIO, so the grant must be functional and targeted at an constabulary assembly. Understand orator notes to pretence what points you are covering during the grant. Ensure you provide:

  • Descriptions of at meanest 3 roles employed in the construction you chose in Week 1
  • Descriptions of at meanest 3 low attacks despite advent repress methods, including the password management defencelessness as pictorial in the defencelessness report
  • Countermeasures to narrow vulnerabilities and diminish germinative attacks on advent repress methods
  • Note: A media-rich grant should understand multimedia such as graphics, pictures, video clips, or audio.

    Format your every references and citations according to APA guidelines. Given that this is an academic enactment, concomitant discovery without of the rank materials to stay the assertions in the muniment is expected.

    Submit your enactment in Microsoft PowerPoint restraintmat.

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