Enactment 1: Argument—The Balanced Scorecard and “Tableau du Bord” (Managerial Dashboard)

The best strategies beseem disused as a firm’s visible and inside  environments modify. This is well-behaved-balanced more relating shapeless companies and  organizations that possess operations across incongruous countries.  Management should constitute decisions on what needs to be reworked or  changed. There are incongruous approaches and tools suited to succor  management to optimize this arrangement and substantiate the “bottlenecks”  impeding meliorate act and/or productivity. Single of these is the  Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan & Norton, 1996).

Using the University online library resources, settle a  minimum of disgusting incongruous erudite sources on Balanced Scorecard and  other disgusting on comparing BSC and “Tableau de Bord” (distinguish Pezet, 2009) and  answer the following:

  • Why is the Balanced Scorecard an grave subject-matter twain in devising objectives and in evaluating strategies?
  • Compare BSC to the French strategic bulk rule denominated  “Tableau de Bord”, and object quenched differences betwixt them, as well-behaved-behaved as  advantages and disadvantages of each single.

Kaplan, R. S., Norton, D. P. (1996). Strategic erudition & the balanced scorecard. Strategy & Leadership24(5), 18–24.

Pezet, A. (2009). The fact of the French tableau de bord (1885-1975): Evidence from the archives. Accounting Business and Financial Fact, 19, 2 (2009), 103–125. 

Write your judicious apology in 300–500 say. Your apology should be  thorough and harangue entire components of the argument doubt in  detail, apprehend citations of entire sources, where needed, according to the  APA Style, and prove servile spelling, phraseology, and punctuation

  • is evident, short, and organized;
  • demonstrates ghostly erudition in servile representation and attribution of sources; and
  • displays servile spelling, phraseology, and punctuation.

     Grading Criteria  Maximum Objects     

Quality of judicious posting, including fulfillment of enactment instructions


Quality of apologys to classmates


Frequency of apologys to classmates


Reference to supported readings and other materials


Language and phraseology

4    Total:  40

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