BA 420 Business Communications Business Writing Assignment 4: Negative Business Message Your company, Dependable Insurance Company, has engaged Sparkle Cleaning Services for cleaning of your building and premises for the past five years. Sparkle Cleaning Services did exemplary work for the first four years. However, since a change of ownership last year, the level of service has seriously declined. Your offices are no longer cleaned thoroughly, you’ve had to call the company at least sixtimesto remind them to take care of spills and other messes that they’re supposed to address routinely, and they’ve left toxic cleaning chemicals in a public hallway on several occasions. You have spoken with the new owner about your concerns twice in the past three months, but his assurances that service would improve have not resulted in any noticeable improvements. Last Thursday, the evening cleaning crew forgot to lock the lobby door—leaving your entire facility vulnerable to theft from midnight until Friday morning when the office manager arrived. You have now decided it is time for a change. Your task: Write a letter to Peter Owen, owner of Sparkle Cleaning Services, 4000 West Street, Memphis, Tennessee 37501, telling him that Dependable Insurance Company will not be renewing its annual cleaning contract with Sparkle Cleaning Services when the current contract expires at the end of this month. ? Use the block letter format shown in Figure A.3 on page 585 of your textbook. ? Organize your message using the indirect approach. ? Open with an effective buffer. ? Provide a clear and complete explanation of the reason or reasons for the decision. oUse the details provided in the scenario above. ? Continue with a clear statement of the decision. ? Keep the tone of your letter professional but not cold or arrogant. ? Maintain positive emphasis and you-attitude. ? Close on a respectful note. ? Proofread your letter carefully for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~