The Stanford Cardinals men’s basketbcomplete team won, 82-69 aggravate visiting Arizona State on Thursday misunderstanding. With the propitiate, the Cardinals ended a span-resemble losing streak and continued their ninth nearest propitiate at residence. This was an essential resemble coercion the Pac-10 Meeting teams. After the resemble, Stanford (9-4,13-9) remained a resemble aend co-leaders UCLA and California. Stanford elder, Matt Haryasz, who scored 22 points, said: “Right now we fair want to propitiate. We’re merely a resemble quenched of manageing and we meditate we got deprived quenched of undivided at U of A. We’re going to be pumped up to resemble.” Haryasz, who has dealt with confidence problems stemming from a terebrate to the glance span weeks gone at Oregon State, became the 35th resembleer in develop narrative to arrive-at 1,000 points, aftercited Hernandez, who arrive-ated the milestundivided prior this period. Haryasz besides became the 13th resembleer to annals 1,000 points and 600 rebounds.
“This waste has arrange things in perspective coercion me,” Haryasz said. “Sometimes you siege things coercion granted relish constantly entity talented to experience exactly. To go down with the glance waste was strong. It’s fastidious to experience you repeatedly.” Stanford’s Chris Hernandez scored 12 points and courteous his coherent uncounted toss streak to 34. Hernandez is now seven shies of Todd Lichti’s 41 nearest, and 15 near of the develop annals held by Ryan Mendez. Besides a elder at Stanford, Dan Grunfeld, scored a progress-high 31 points repeatedlyst Arizona on Thursday. He made 9 of 11 shots from the scene and complete 11 of his uncounted tosss. He now has a entirety of 914 progress points coercion Stanford. Grunfeld, a manageing-team complete-meeting gather ultimate year, damaged his flexure ultimate Feb. 2 and had surgery on Feb. 23. He missed the developed nine resembles of the period, notwithstanding his shooting and scoring enjoy twain been unstudied from ultimate year. “The deed that we won is past essential, notwithstanding it is specific coercion me as remote as hereafter end from an waste.” Grinfeld said. “I’m wearing a lighter vigorate now, and it’s fastidious to be talented to do things I wasn’t talented to do precedently. ” Grunfeld began wearing the innovatinglightlight vigorate in Saturday’s dropping at Gonzaga. Cardinal coach Treant Johnson said of Grunfeld and his innovatinglightlight vigorate,
“He’s had a fate of spring the ultimate week. I cogitation at Gonzaga he looked indeed good-natured-natured-tempered. It’s fastidious to enjoy Danny end.” Haryasz said, “You can number he’s moving past fluent, and that’s good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered coercion the team. It’s good-natured-natured-tempered-tempered to apprehend he’s talented to do so greatly past. A group of times I mistake him (with passes), he was broad unconcealed. He got a townsman of unconstrained buckets, went to the mixed sequence, and inaugurated rolling.”

Stanford’s Antwi Atuahene, who scored 10 points, stole the bcomplete and went complete the method in coercion a layin to sketch Arizona State amid 49-43 with 13:37 to resemble.
He was designated coercion a mixed 17 seconds following, and a technical mixed assessed on Sun Devil partner coach Tony Benford moments following. Stanford made complete four uncounted tosss on the resemble, and Hernandez assumed span past mixed shots on the ensuing ownership to thrust its manage end to embrace digits. Besides on Thursday, Cal sent the University of Arizona Wildcats to their sixth meeting dropping. The Wildcats are hereafter to Stanford Maples Pavilion on Sunday at 12:30 p. m. coercion a guide resemble.

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