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Biology can be simply understood as the study of life. This academic subject is primarily interested in living organisms, their origin, evolution, growth, function as well as structure. Biology is a very broad field of study and there are several umbrella fields that fall under it. These umbrella fields include but not limited to; anatomy, microbiology, pharmacology, cell biology, ecology, nutrition and physiology. It is worth to note that most of these fields overlap as it is very hard to study one of the listed fields without borrowing some knowledge from the other fields. For example it is quite hard to study anatomy without borrowing some knowledge from physiology. Anatomy is the study of the structure of the living things. This branch of medicine and biology can be divided into three broad areas. These are; human anatomy, zootomy which is the anatomy of animals as well as phytotomy which is anatomy of plants. Microbiology is concerned with understanding microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa as well as archaea. This field of study also focuses on the host agent of such microorganisms. Pharmacology is the branch of biology that deals with the uses, effects and modes of actions of drugs. It can therefore be simply understood as the study of drug action. Are you finding it difficult to write a biology assignment on your own? If yes, then why don’t you try our professional biology assignment writing assistance? We assure you that our writers shall surpass your writing expectations. Cell biology is yet another the branch of biology and it is primarily concerned with the study of cells. This field of study particularly aims at understanding the life history, function, and structure of cells as well as their constituents. Biochemistry is a field of study that aims at understanding the various materials substances that make living organisms. Ecology is basically the study of the manner in which living organisms interact with their surroundings. Nutrition is a branch of biology that studies the process by which living organisms takes in the food and absorb the nutrients in the food. Lastly, we have physiology. Physiology is a branch of biology that endeavors to understand the various functions of organisms as well as the specific functions of their different parts. We are happy to let you know that our writers who offer professional assistance with writing biology assignments are ready to assist you. Make your order today.

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Brief Notes on Biology

Biology is defined as the study of living and nonliving things. This is a branch of science which is primarily focused on identification of relationship which exist between plants and human beings. As a section of a wider field of science, it has played a pertinent role in inculcating knowledge, which serves as a preface for several careers in life. Notably, the discipline is well established in ethics that relate to people and animals.  Some of the courses which require knowledge in biology are medicine and biochemistry among others. Apart from it being taught in high school level, it is deeply taught in higher level where specialization is allowed.Specialists in biological sciences have an essential role in the society. They work in industries and government institutions, where they give insight regarding scientific approach to solving pertinent issues. For example, a major in biology can work in a pharmaceutical company, helping in formulation of drugs. Additionally, the experts assist in observation of good manufacturing practices, which is a requirement from the international standards. Notably, biology cuts across all disciplines. Every professional requires good health as well as clean working environment. These are elements which are brought into light, by a specialist in the biological field.The field is classified into plant biology and animal biology. They are studied as separate entities, but later intercept in higher levels. They complement each other hence the importance of intertwining their study. The study of the human body and plant life is technically important for the sustenance of life.  There is a mutual relationship between the two, which cannot be negated at all cost. Continued invention and creativity in the field of science is attracting more people to advance in biology. This could be the solution to problems of ever increasing untreatable diseases and probably shed light on genetically modified foods.