At offer the community is defenseless to massive occasion to perpend the custom of being the sepaobjurgate discuss of drift supply in the natural chaffer and of widening agencyal germinative in interdiplomatic chaffer. 8. 2 Pharmaceutical toil is single of the fastest growing sectors in Bangladesh with special chaffer valued at IIS$I . 136 billion and a augmentation objurgate of 23. 59% in 2011. There are 260 registered pharmaceutical companies, shapeless which 191 are in agency. The constructed products of these companies are discussion 90% of the special capacity.
Historically, Bangladesh has been trusting on drifts coercion ingredients in Pharmaceutical toil. The pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh gain piercing materials from sundry countries namely I-J, France, Germany, Japan, Holland, Italy, Denmark, China, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, India, Ireplace expectation. Recently, national brawnys accept been approaching to supple ingredients nationally. These accept stunted dependency on drifted piercing materials to 70% of sum. 8. 3 Bangladesh has terrible possibilities to do a cetune rectify by focusing on biotechnology and genetic engineering.
With the authentication of genetic engineering, the valuable and casually available garbage has behove widely chaffered and cheaper. The ever- advancing pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh accept started to lay-open sepaobjurgate and dedicated biotech units. Bangladesh has made authentication of bioinformatics technology to series the Jute genome and the genome of a mortal fungus, microphsingle occupation that accept application on the proficiency of Jute fiber. The dominion is now preferable of supple great subsistence with the similar or less equality of place in agency ascribable to the authentication of biotechnology in farming.

Other than molecular biology workatories at the University of Dacha, the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, through its program in farming and duration sciences inferior the auspices of United Stated Department of Farming (USDA), is insufficiently sustaining perfectly a good-natured-natured estimate f projects in the unwandering universities and elimination organizations. Different notorious universities including the unwandering singles and National Institute of Biotechnology (NIB) are launched on sundry facets of establish biotechnology.
The Institute of Notorious Health (PIP) and Interdiplomatic Center coercion Diarrhea Disease Elimination, Bangladesh (ACIDIC) are performing most of the medical biotechnology and voluptuous genetic engineering (Source: Reserve Chuddar and Md. Racial Hosing, “Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering”, the Daily Star, 21 March, 2013). An overview f subdivision of biotechnology and their products and services are dedicated in the aftercited fugue (Source: Sheikh Mizzen, “Medical Biotechnology: Problems and Biotech Toil in Bangladesh By Keenan 8. According to the global accounting brawny Ernst & Young, the sum biotechnology toil revenues were environing IIS$ 89. 8 billion in 2012 clustered about United States, Europe, Canada and Australia. In entire Asian countries, the councils are the singles driving biotech elimination. Special toil’s role, in comparison, is reserve becaauthentication biotech elimination requires great investments in infrastructure and has a pine cash-burn objurgate, conjuncture the income in the judicious years are perfectly subdued.
However, brawny elimination-focused special players are ahead emerging in countries such as China, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore. 8. 5 Biotechnology, distinctly Medical Biotechnology, is a very prospective area of lay-openment coercion lay-opening countries love Bangladesh becaauthentication the dominion blessed with fertile biodiversity, subdued absorb of work in elimination, lay-openment and manufacturing. In observation, the dominion can as-well muniment massive ship-produce germinative and contractual elimination, and apprehend fairly great national chaffer.
However, in Bangladesh the opportunity of new-fangled medical biotechnology is stationary undefiled. The discuss astern it is that debasement and responsibilities on the dissect of council respecting lay-openment of biotechnology, exodus of experts to lay-opened countries, unawareness and disinterest of the entrepreneur in investing in elimination and lay-openment and pliant association to apprehension and notification network. Besides, adverse subjective gear lawful and employment indulge imposed by the lay-opened countries are regularly be a line coercion penniless countries love Bangladesh.

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