There are couple size to this motive; Please finished twain, and you can suggest your responses in the similar improve.
Part 1:  Blocks and Barriers Scavenger Chase 
I would approve you to go on a scavenger chase looking control 12 stops and barriers to creativity that you regard in your environment.  Construct a chart of each of the categories of stops we reach argueed (Habit and Learning, Rules and Traditions, Perceptual, Cultural, Moving, and Resources) and depict developments you reach not attributable attributableed from your environment that embody each undivided.  Maybe you clutch yourself pondering “I can’t do that–I’ll probably earn it wickedness.”  List it beneath moving stops.  You strength tpurpose a television pomp and incline the ocean temperament in reaction to his son unprovided to select a play class speak, “That’s not attributable attributable attributable control boys to do.  He scarcitys to be detached football.”  Label that as a cultural stop.  Ascertain yourself in scarcity of a peculiar ingredient control a direction that you are quenched of?  Do you course to the supermarket to earn it rather than improvise with colossus else?  Label that as a perceptual stop.  Do you artisan quenched an ordinance to your students with the guidelines so distinctly certain that there isn’t any locality control them to gather their hold singular reach?  Label that as a Rules and Traditions.  Etc. Absence of wonder.
Ideally, I would approve you to ascertain couple developments from each of the categories we argueed.  However, if you cannot attributable ascertain developments from each, reach exempt to gather past developments to other categories, so you earn quiet purpose up with 12 completion developments.
*You scarcity to round this motive in with your cogitation.  Please construct believing they are saved on the similar instrument.
Part 2: Environment
Depict an environment you distinguish courteous (your classroom, workplace, settlement, absence of wonder.) in stipulations of how you ponder it rules creativity established on what we’ve unravel abquenched stops and barriers and the environment (press).  In your patronymic, argue the following:

Corporeal interval:  What abquenched the corporeal interval either inhibits or encourages creativity?
Psychical interval:   How does the environment rule psychical courteous entity (control development, rule on importance, care, acceptance of making mistakes, and induce gate)?
What could you vary abquenched the environment to construct it past contributive to conceptional pondering?

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