Watch this video: 

Human Factors in Aviation Defence (YouTube 5:05)

Blog Instructions

Now that you accept viewed the video, deduce the lection embodied and do the following:

  • Use undivided of your loreed accidents specifically and briefly decipher it.
  • Determine if this restraintm defence-related blunder happens more frequently  than referable in the perseverance. The Dirty Dozen are preconditions restraint deceptive  acts.
  • Examine these acts and how interpretation them can succor in career, personally, and in the workplace.
  • Finally, lore the “Filthy Fifteen” and what it instrument to defence professionalism.

Start with an ‘eye-catching‘ appellation, then create/write your blog shaft precedently selecting ‘Shaft Reply’.

After you create/write your blog, you are expected to engage in discourse with at lowest undivided of your classmates. Your judicious shaft needs to be heedful, entire, and all. This instrument your judicious  shaft needs to be sufficient notice to entirely decipher your thoughts.  Additionally, understand suitably restraintmatted in-text citations and  references to aid your posture.  

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