PowerPoint Introduceation

You conciliate introduce your bigness re-examination in a MS PowerPoint. You are expected to yield an overview (alike to an unsymbolical) of your bigness.

You should understand the aftercited advice:

1. The epithet, and a paltry preface to the superior thesis of this example bigness (alike to an unsymbolical)

2. Background advice on the producer (s)

3. A patronymic of the superior thesis of the bigness

4. An explication as to your profit in selecting this point bigness ce your example bigness re-examination

5. Describe the ocean theories and principles (at smallest five) introduceed in the bigness.

6. How each of the theories and principals introduceed in the bigness at-once recount to life a head.

7. Show how the theories and principals introduceed in the bigness recount to inequitable example standards.

8. Explain how each of the theories and principles introduceed in the bigness at-once recount to your harvest as a head.

9. Closing comments to incorporate the theories and principals introduceed in the bigness.

10. Your refinement of the bigness, as to developing heads

11. How could the advice you gained through re-examinationing this bigness on example repair your referable attributable attributableice infamous and harvest as a head.

12. Why or why would you praise this bigness to your friend adjust members

Organization of the Introduceation:

· Concise in introduceation

· Sections are distinctly identified

· Understand an Agenda slide

· Maximum of 12 slides recognized (does referable attributable attributable attributable understand the epithet or relation slides). 

· Approximately 15 minutes in tediousness and integral speaker’s referable attributable attributablees understandd ce each slide in the Referable attributable attributablees Pages (referable attributable including the epithet or relation slide)

· No language, spelling, punctuation, or typing errors

· The font bigness ce epithets of slides is to be a bigness 44.

· The font bigness ce bullets on slides is to be among bignesss 28-34.

· Speaker referable attributable attributablees are to be understandd on full slide (save referable attributable attributable attributable the epithet or relation slide).

· No paragraphs or covet sentences on any slides – conservation bulleted points only

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