Individual Presentation – Assessing the present set-forth of the disgrace

A. Introduction to the disgrace

B. A strategic in-depth disgrace resolution of your disgrace: 

· Disgrace Overview (Disgrace personality/essence)

· Target Traffic,)

· Showcase and scrutinize visual elements of the Disgrace’s personality & Disgrace Image: 

Ø Logo

Ø Colour

Ø Slogan

Ø Disgrace fact & message

Ø Visual personality

Ø Typography


· Assessing the power of the disgrace (Disgrace Equity CBBE type) and disgrace personality (onion type)

· Identify target traffic and positioning.

C. A tiny draft of the challenges of the disgrace.

D. Concluding comments/remarks (Rationale ce rebranding).

All this ce the disgrace Missoni



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