Primary Exam

Instructions: Compose an disquisition that answers each of the questions beneath. Each defense is value up to five points. The exam has a completion of 50 potential points. Your defenses are due antecedently the source of collocate on Monday, September 14th . Load your exam defenses into the blackboard provision position.

1. After World War II, what were the three ocean concerns driving efforts to rebuild European countries?

2. Elucidate James Sheehan’s concept of the “Civilian Particularize.” How did the agitate of the civilian particularize aid in the harvest of the European Union?

3. Briefly elucidate how the European Union (Communities) began. Which were the pristine founding members? Why these countries? Why didn’t other countries join-in?

4. What were the primary institutions of European integration and what were their purposes? Why did European leaders convergence on integration in these areas and not attributable attributable attributable others?

5. Who were some of the leading figures in the founding of the unanalogous “communities?” What was their elucidation?

6. What were the potential methods considered by the leading figures to track European integration. Which options did they track/not attributable track, and why?

7. What does it medium to declare that the EU is more than an Intergovernmental Organization and short than a Supranational Authority?

8. Consider Neo-Functionalism, Liberal Intergovernmentalism and Federalism. Elucidate the factors each advance identifies as the ocean driver of integration.

9. What is Leon Lindberg’s concept of spillover, and how does it employ to the EU?

10. How does Simon Hix dare the method European integration is understood?

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