Case analysis – ELCA and CR analysis (about 2000 words)​

Part I: Do an ELCA of the following case to determine business-specific responsibilities and recommend actions to address them.​

Case: ​ABC is a hypothetical leading fashion label. ABS’s main strategic goals are long-term growth, increase market share, better target younger customers, and increase profit margins. One of their main products are cotton shirts. With regard to achieving its strategic goals, ABC​ is doing an ELCA of the cotton shirts.

Instructions for Part I: ​

Do an ELCA of a cotton shirt considering typical issues of the product life cycle of this product as it has traditionally been produced ​
Apply all four steps of the ELCA method. Make sure you always explain your claims/evaluations and provide some data ​/ references
Address all stages of the life cycle (sourcing, production, distribution, use, disposal) and discuss at least one potential ethical issue of each stage.​
Provide three recommendations for ABC in Step 4 of the ELCA method. Explain how your recommendations address the ethical issues and make business sense.​

Part II: Critically analyze the CR strategy of H&M and answer the following questions:​

Does H&M address the ethical issues that you identified in your ELCA? By what actions/strategies? Provide at least 3 examples.​
Do you consider these actions/strategies sufficient to assume responsibility and address the issues?
Are H&M’s claims about their CR credible? Why, or why not?​​
Discuss to what extent H&M’s CR activities support business success of the company.​

​You can find information about H&M’s CR here:
(Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.)

Please provide in-text citations and a list of references (citation style of your choice)

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