business analysis case can anybody do this ?

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submit a written analysis of a company. The goal of this research report is to help you to analyze and evaluate a public company with strategic management concepts and theories. Designing and creating your own company research report in a written form is the highest level of learning. The research report demonstrates your analytical skill and learning capability to your future employer. What I expect to see in your research report is that you can ground your argument/recommendation on the data you have gathered and the strategic management theories/frameworks. Your deliverable for this research report is 15-page analysis (double spaced, 1inch margin 12 pt font) excluding references, charts, graphics or appendix. You can use APA or MLA style to format your references. deadline,  june 29, 2014. A complete research report 1) Includes at least four public companies for your analysis. Compare firm performance (e.g. earnings, sales, ROA, P/E, stock price) of focal firm to that of rival companies. This comparison gives you information how firm performs relative to its rivals and reveals the performance trend of focal firm over 3-5 year period. 2) Includes at least two elements of strategic management decision tools/theories. This part may include information on market share (domestic and international), vision/mission (how it generates value for stakeholders), competitive moves of rivals (e.g. expenditures on R&D and marketing, etc.), and international operations. Here are a few examples of strategic management theories. a. VRINE framework which can be used to do SWOT analysis b. Five-Forces framework to analyze industry environment and strategic positioning of  focal company c. PESTLE analysis to analyze international market 3) Includes at least five unique sources. The sources must be business articles from Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Wall Street Journal, the Economist, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Chicago Tribute. 4) Based on your SWOT analysis (identified problems/opportunities), make recommendations to the company’s management. Evaluation of your case write-up is based on your demonstrated understanding and application of strategic management theories and concepts, and overall coherence of your argument. The rubric for company research report is in Appendix 1 (page 8) of this syllabus. A sample company research report is posted in D2L Contents area. Please note that the research report is to demonstrate your analytical skill and application of management analysis knowledge. Simply summarizing business articles and listing the data without analysis will result in at least10-point deduction.