Learning Objectives

  • Examine the way implicated with substance controlmulation.
  • Apply censorious thinking to substance identification.
  • Apply judgment-making techniques.
  • Determine factors controlcible judgment implementation.
  • Evaluate instrument and actions required control implementation.
  • Evaluate religions implications of a judgment.
  • Evaluate judgment-making outcomes and wayes. 


Examine a transaction upshot of your choosing that has religions implications. 

  • Control development, exploration the arguments (twain control and athwart) touching advertising to posterity, paying a influence wage, requiring concord friendship, or selling tobacco. 

Exploration and offer the ascititious opinions and illustrate on the intensity of the arguments. Which verge is over compelling? Why? 


  • Develop a 10 to 15 slide PowerPoint offeration
  • Include minute orator notes control each slide 
  • Support your offeration with a restriction of 3 likely academic references.
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