Routing and Switching
Race Raze: 6
Race Credits: 15
Weighting Towards the Last Measure: 60%
In this toll you conciliate effort as divorce-among-unordered of a team to intent a LAN ce each locality of a multi-locality troop, and tool a protopattern of the intent in Cisco packet tracer. The intent conciliate be extensive upon in subsequently races of your Diploma in Networking. You conciliate besides assume divorce-among-unordered in a Hardware Lab to convey-on the skills demanded ce the intent and fashion a narrative to muniment your hold indivisible contributions and intelligence of the intent concepts tooled by the knot.
Erudition Extinguishedcomes
? LO1: Apply deceased switching techniques to troubleshoot and decipher switching issues
? LO2: Configure VLANs to insulate exchange
? LO3: Apply routing techniques and protocols to tool and exercise networks
? LO4: Analyse and intent an IP neteffort to tool an organisational network
? It is recommended that you squander encircling 24 hours to consummate this contrivance. This span should be extpurpose throughextinguished the period of the race.
? The influence preceptor ce this race conciliate touch the ascriboperative dates ce this toll to you. ? You can entrance integral race symbolicals and any other resources you longing to portraiture as you effort on this toll.
? This contrivance toll is a team and indivisible application. You demand to collaborate with constituents of your team and may talk environing your contrivance with other acquireers, yet the contrivance extinguishedputs must be your hold effort and the effort of your team.
? You conciliate demand Packet Tracer to consummate the toolation of the protopattern network, and software to intent the instituteing/neteffort layextinguished ce each locality, e.g. Visio, Neteffort scrutiny article congruity employment Referableepad (there is a liberal edition serviceable).
? You conciliate besides demand a engagement processor ce creating munimentation, and a collaboration platconstruct to touch with your team constituents. Your adduceed preceptor must be borrowed as a constituent of this platconstruct to be operative to assess each kreferoperative constituent’s raze of divorce-amongicipation. ? Scrutiny any extra referableice you reach is demanded to divorce-amongicipate and consummate the toll.
? The effort you repremonition must be your hold effort.
? You can implore a preceptor to retrieve the instructions and ce advice, yet they canreferoperative relieve you in completing the tasks demandd – you must convey extinguished the tasks yourself!
? To be assessed as suiconsultation you must satisfactorily consummate the toll by completing the demandments as listed in the toll tokening register.
Success Criteria
Total tokens serviceable: 86
This contrivance contributes to 60% of the last race measure.
Your deed, and that of your team, must deserve 50% or elevate in each divorce-among-unordered ce you to by and be assessed as suiconsultation ce this toll. The toperative under shows the by token demandments ce each divorce-among-unordered of the contrivance.
Indivisible Effort Team Effort Total
Ultimatum Tokens 40 46 86
Marks to By
(50%) 20 23 43
Contribution to
Last Race Meaenduring 27.9% 32.1% 60%
Nature of Tasks Compatability inveterate Achievement Inveterate
The rubrics are located at the purpose of this muniment. Content acquire them to compel yourself affoperative with the expectations ce this contrivance.
You are integralowed a ultimatum of brace trys. The ultimatum percentage to be awarded on a prevent toll try is 50%.
In the contrivance ce this race your team conciliate elect an massive troop, or fashion a spurious undivided, and intent and institute the neteffort ce that troop. This neteffort conciliate live to be patent clear in the Contrivance toll ingredient of your cherishing Networking races. This contrivance has brace ingredients:
Indivisible Effort: The indivisible divorce-among-unordered of the contrivance apprehends a Hardware Lab, a Scrutiny Adducement, your Returnive Narrative, and a Comrade Evaluation.
? Hardware Lab: There are brace Hardware Labs in this contrivance and each is intented to be conducted aggravate a separate displace of environing 4 hours. The labs are intented to be led by a preceptor with undivided to three acquireers divorce-amongicipating in the lab. The tasks may hence be distributed unordered diverse acquireers, or you may consummate them by yourself. The consummated lab conciliate be resignted as divorce-among-unordered of this toll.
? Returnive Narrative: The narrative conciliate be portraitured to assess your indivisible intelligence of the aggravateintegral intent and the system concepts subsequently the decisions you and your team made. ? Comrade Evaluation: At the purpose of the contrivance you conciliate re-examination the contributions and despatch of your tally team constituents and they conciliate re-examination yours. Your tokens conciliate be adapted as an middle of integral your team constituent comrade re-examinations.
TeamWork: Neteffort Constitution: as a team you conciliate be assessed on the aggravateintegral intent and toolation of the protopattern inveterate on the resignted Cisco Packet Tracer polish and the associated munimentation. You conciliate besides be assessed on the capability of your teamwork.
You effort ce Datacom, a Upstartlightlight Zealand IT Employments troop. Datacom has been awarded a lessen ce the installation of a neteffort ce a upstartlightlight troop. The team you are a constituent of entertain been tasked with intenting, guilening and tooling the neteffort infraconstitution ce the upstartlightlight troop.
This contrivance toll muniment does referoperative state the cunningate, colony, or layextinguished of the upstartlightlight troop or its network. Instead your team is to:
? Select a troop by:
o choosing a true cosmos-people troop that engages the reserve demandments specified in this muniment, or o compel up a spurious troop
? Portraiture the organisational constitution, cunningate, localitys absence of wonder. of the troop you elect as a example ce the upstartlightlight troop and its network, or compel up your hold cunningate, constitution, localitys, absence of wonder. if you fashion a spurious troop.
Whichever you elect, the troop must engage the reserve tangible and close demandments listed in the Demandments identicality under.
As a kreferoperative you conciliate intent a neteffort ce each locality of the troop, and tool a protopattern of your intent using the skills that you entertain well-mannered-informed in this race. Some divorce-amongs of the network, such as the affinity betwixt localitys, conciliate be tooled in your direct race, IT6012 Connecting Networks. Other neteffort features conciliate be tooled in the Contrivance toll of succeeding races in your Diploma unintermittently you entertain well-mannered-informed the elevate skills demandd.
Things your team must consider:
? Estimate of nodes per locality, equipment colony and cabling demandments
? Extinguishedline demandments ce tooling an objective transaction LAN e.g. organizational constitution, exchange self-containedness, commit balancing of exchange, defence, accumulation of switching paths, munimentation of settings absence of wonder.
? Integral localitys conciliate besides be patent clear and alike ce auspicious despatch to happen betwixt localitys [in the Connecting Networks race contrivance]
? The troop conciliate demand internet entrance at a succeeding step [in the Neteffort Skillful-treatment race contrivance]
? Gatheritional switches and routers may demand to be borrowed at each locality in succeeding steps to assistance augmentation in multitude bulk, and accumulation/fault tolerance in the LAN [in the Connecting Networks race contrivance]
? You should prosper best trainings, as taught in this race, ce securing cognizances – defence features conciliate be extensive upon in coercionthcoming races [in the Neteffort Skillful-treatment race contrivance]
? Neteffort intent should article uncalled-coercion exchange issue and integralow ce commit balancing of exchange where possible
As a team you conciliate demand to institute the fiction of the troop you conciliate portraiture ce this contrivance. You demand to career:
? The cunningate of the troop, if you fashion a spurious troop, or which troop to portraiture if you elect a true cosmos-people troop. You conciliate intent and tool the neteffort ce this troop ? The estimate and colony of service localitys (at meanest 2 yet no elevate than 4) and the instituteing/service layextinguished ce the troop (you conciliate demand to compel up the layextinguished of each locality).
? The estimate of portions at each locality (at meanest 2)
? The estimate of multitudes at each locality (at meanest 20)
? How router and switch cognizances conciliate be entranceed ce skillful-treatment purposes
? The IPv4 neteffort discourse you conciliate portraiture ce integral localitys (your subnet intent should prosper best training, and must crystallize discourse intervenience yet integralow ce 100% augmentation)
? The estimate and pattern of infraconstitution cognizances at each locality (at meanest 3 switches and 1 router) and the topology
? How each cognizance conciliate be uniquely verified in munimentation and neteffort guiles
? The switching technologies that conciliate be occupied in the neteffort and evinced in your protopattern to assistance and exercise lived auspicious despatch betwixt integral cognizances e.g. luxuriant switching paths
? How exchange unformed the LAN conciliate be commit balanced
? Defence measures ce switch and router entrance
? The routing protocol you conciliate tool at the LAN localitys – this conciliate demand to be configured in making-disposed ce affinity to the other localitys
Additionally, your team conciliate demand to career:
? The collaboration platconstruct your team conciliate portraiture ce despatch – you must gather your preceptor as a constituent
? Who conciliate be lawful ce each disunite of the intent and the toolation
? A register ce your team engageings – you must integral assume turns at influenceing a engageing. You conciliate besides demand to adduce a team constituent to assume minutes at each engageing. Team engageings can be held in identical and/or by using video/voice conferencing.
? Where and how you conciliate treasury the team’s munimentation and conceal trace of updates ? How you conciliate distribute the packet tracer polish. You could assume turns using it according to a register, or each entertain your hold observation and coordinate the observationing of the extinguishedlines each efforted on ce restricted cognizances to a balancecome packet tracer polish. The beginup-configurations of packet tracer cognizances can be home and inherent, integralowing constituents to effort on them in contrariant packet tracer instances, then commit them in a balancecome polish cognizance.
? Who conciliate be lawful ce resignting the last muniments and packet tracer polish to the preceptor, and informing the preceptor that your effort is acquirey ce toll
Effort as a team to intent and eliminate your network. As a team you conciliate tool a protopattern of your intent in Cisco Packet Tracer – the .pkt polish must be resignted ce toll.
The protopattern should hold a fidelity of multitudes ce each portion (undivided per portion per switch) with integral switching techniques and the selected routing protocol configured.
Integral cognizances unformed each LAN locality must be operative to auspiciously touch. There is no demandment ce inter-locality affinity and despatch at this step – this conciliate be patent clear in the IT6012 Connecting Networks contrivance.
Team Munimentation
As a team you must muniment integral aspects of your intent. The referableice you proceedings demands to be operative to touch integral extinguishedline of the cognizances to any coercionthcoming neteffort engineers compromised in neteffort exposition and troubleshooting.
Your team munimentation should apprehend:
? Instituteing guile with equipment colony ce each locality (plans must be well-mannered-mannered labelled ce troop, locality and cognizance colony)
? A toperative of the IP discourseing intention ce integral localitys (notice ce each subnet must apprehpurpose subnet cunningate, subnet ID, extensively discourse and subnet hide)
? Consultations listing the cunningate, cognizance example, colony, IP discourse referableice and extinguishedline disunites ce each cognizance configured, e.g. VLAN referableice, routing protocol referableice absence of wonder. (undivided toperative per cognizance pattern, e.g. switch, router, PC)
? Consultations detailing the despatch testing effected to secure consummate despatch betwixt cognizances in the protopattern network
Your team must besides repremonition the minutes of each team engageing as premonition of your collaboration.
You must conceal a narrative to muniment:
? Your hold divorce-amongicipation in kreferoperative discussions/meetings
? Your indivisible responsibilities in the contrivance
? Your extinguishedline ingredients
? An statement of the kreferoperative decisions made environing the LAN intent, detailing each disunite portraitured/configured and the rationale ce valuables made (why each disunite was selected, its purpose and impression on the neteffort intent, why it was selected aggravate any valuable solutions, and, if expend, why unfailing switching technologies weren’t deployed).
Your narrative should discourse each of the prospering:(Note – your apologys should return your subjects and intelligence and may be-unlike from your knot’s objective toolation)
? Decipher the purpose of the switching technologies Port Defence and EtherChannel, your explication should apprehpurpose anatomy of the benefits, any disadvantages, and the extinguishedline discretions ce these technologies. Discuss where toolation of these technologies would be most exppurpose in your neteffort intent.
? Consider the estimate of VLANs in your neteffort and decipher how STP could be best portraitured ce commit balancing in your neteffort intent.
? Decipher the purpose and benefits of tooling VLANs in a network.
? Analyse the subnet intent portraitured in your network, and decipher how this toolation relates to intent best training.
? Consider the routing protocol tooled in your intent and yield the rationale or maintenance of this valuable compared to any valuable discretion.
? Analyse the intent erection or topology of your neteffort and yield an explication ce the valuables made.
The narrative conciliate be resignted and cem divorce-among-unordered of the indivisible toll. It can be in any cemat, or league of cemats, including yet referoperative articleed to: written recital, blog, video blog, defpurpose proceedingsings of extinguishedline, spoken gift (you conciliate demand to yield a observation of your gift slides or making-disposed referablees and register the gift with your preceptor if you are giving an spoken gift).
Hardware Lab
The brace Hardware Labs are intented to be conducted disuniteially. Each Lab should be conducted aggravate a separate displace of environing 4 hours. The labs are intented to be led by a preceptor with undivided to three acquireers divorce-amongicipating in the lab. The tasks may hence be distributed unordered diverse acquireers, or you may consummate them by yourself.
This influence assumes you through a course of applications to invigorate your erudition from the symbolical and the Packet Tracer software labs. It besides deciphers the concepts at the similar span as showing you what to do.
It is a amiable subject to do this lab precedently you do the Practical Toll. Extra training of the lab activities can be carried extinguished using Packet Tracer; thus-far, there are a estimate of commands that are assistanceed by true Cisco IOS yet referoperative assistanceed in the Packet Tracer software.
If there is elevate than undivided of you doing the lab coincidently, then you can career unorderedst yourselves which cognizances each acquireer conciliate assume entireegiance ce configuring. It is suggested that, where brace or elevate cognizances are compromised in an application, undivided acquireer configures undivided cognizance, period another acquireer configures the other.
The equipment conciliate be gifted in the lab – if you are mislaying any disunite content implore a preceptor.
During the labs the preceptor may referoperative frequently be bestow, yet conciliate apology questions or evince how to achieve unfailing tasks, where expedient. The subject-matter of the lab is ce you to convey-on and ldeserve the concepts/commands that you conciliate demand ce your Contrivance and Practical Tasks. The detailed instructions ce the Hardware Labs are serviceoperative in the Hardware Lab booklet. This can be entranceed through Tolls tab in iQualify. You conciliate demand to procure this verified extempore by your Preceptor subsequently the lab and repremonition is as divorce-among-unordered of the contrivance toll. The Tokening rubric ce the Hardware Labs is in the Indivisible Effort Tokening Rubric at the purpose of this muniment. Made enduring you are affoperative with its interruption precedently you begin the lab.
The tokening cem is rooted with this toll and holds the tokens ce prospering divorce-amongs:
Team Effort
? Preceptor conciliate assess the kreferoperative on their aggravateintegral intent and toolation of the protopattern inveterate on resignted Cisco Packet Tracer polish and munimentation [Itemized Tokening Intention]
Indivisible Effort
? Hardware Lab: This is a compatability inveterate toll. Your Preceptor conciliate premonition extempore that you entertain consummated the lab. The nature of the effort you entertain taken in your Hardware Lab Booklet conciliate be ardent a measure. See the [Indivisible Effort Tokening Intention] tokening influence ce elevate referableice.
? Preceptor and comrades conciliate assess each team constituent on their divorce-amongicipation. [Collaboration tokening rubric]. Acquireers must appoint in and repremonition a observation of the Contrivance Toll Comrade Re-examination Cem ce each constituent of their knot.
? Preceptor conciliate assess each constituent on the referableice gifted in their narrative – this conciliate be portraitured to assess each acquireer’s intelligence of the aggravateintegral intent and the system concepts subsequently the decisions made [Technical tokening rubric]
Submission Instructions
1. Verify that integral the tasks entertain been consummated.
2. Navigate to the toll disunite in iQualify (Race Home Tolls tab Contrivance).
3. Acquire the exhibition in iQualify.
4. Upcommit your toll munimentation using upcommit address ce the Contrivance toll in iQualify.
? Undivided team constituent of the kreferoperative uploads:
? The demandd premonition ce tasks 1 and 2 Team: Neteffort Intent and Toolation checklist.
? Each team constituent uploads:
? The demandd premonition ce tasks 3 and 4 Indivisible: Indivisible Contribution, Returnion Narrative, Hardware Lab, Contrivance Toll Comrade Re-examination Cems: in the checklist.
? The tokening cem gifted with the toll
5. Repremonition your effort.
Submissions referoperative engageing these provisions conciliate be returned to you ce study.

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