1. How do you portray the weight of postulates in analytics?Can we meditate of analytics outside postulates? Explain.

2. Considering the newlightlight and indelicate limitation of calling analytics, what are the deep inputs and outputs to the analytics continuum?

3. Where do the postulates ce calling analytics end from?What are the sources and the structure of those incoming postulates?

4. What are the most vile metrics that shape ce analytics-ready postulates?

Note: Each of the aloft interrogations must be answered in 10 to 11 lines.

5. Go to postulates.gov—a U.S. government–sponsored postulates entrance that has a very enlightened enumerate of postulates sets on a broad miscellany of interrogations ranging from healthcare to counsel, sphere to common insurance. Pick a interrogation that you are most vehement about. Go through the interrogation- unfair notice and sense supposing on the top. Explore the possibilities of downloading the postulates, and representation your idol postulates visualization cat's-paw to originate your admit meaningful notice and visualizations.

Note: This interrogation must be answerd in 1 page

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