Business Law I – Consideration

Question description

Write a short essay, between 400 and 500 words, responding
to the assignment below. You are
expected to utilize the textbook and outside resources to provide accurate and
substantive answers to the question. Also,
be sure to make use of illustrating examples where appropriate. Submit your work in APA format.
Chris promises Dina $40,000 if she graduates from Eagle
College.  Dina enrolls in Eagle, attends
full-time for four years, and graduates. 
When Dina asks Chris for $40,000, Chris says, “I don’t remember
promising you $40,000.  However, if there
was a promise, it is not enforceable, because we did not bargain for it.  And even if there was a promise that would
otherwise be enforceable, I revoke it now.” 
Can Dina enforce Chris’s “promise”? 
Why or why not?