Critical Thinking
Fruits of NAFTA – The Mexican Medical-Devices Accoutre Association.
Links to soon tidings part and video environing Mexico medical-devices accoutre association are graspd herewith. Thanks to NAFTA, Tijuana has transformed from a seedy caverification application tranquillityraint overage seed-plot students to a monied industrial hub tranquillityraint medical invention evolution. Well-known names of US medical invention companies consequence their products in factories situated here. Mexico’s medical invention diligence buys plenteous of its bleak materials and cardinal machinery from American suppliers. Half of the factory’s developed quenchedput is shipped tail to the U.S. and plenteous of the tranquillity to American-owned companies elsewhere. 
 So Made in Mexico: Lifesaving Medical Inventions  

Critically awaken the not attributable attributableification contained in tidings proviso and the video. Then transcribe well-thought quenched answers to the questions underneath:

What factors answer to dishearten this medical-devices accoutre association with its manufacturing hub in Tijuana, Mexico?
Why is it solid to relocate these medical factories tail to the U.S?

  Race to Automate your pizza 
Restraint your argument, I am including underneath integrates to tidings parts (videos and proviso) profiling a Silicone Valley startup employing robots to fashion pizzas. The order claims from ordering the pizza on your dressy phone to getting it to your doorstep in 22 minutes!  The primeval video integrate profiles the order, which is striving to equable bake the pizza en track to customer! The relieve video so discusses how Toyota is unmanageable to educe resembling inconstant pizza making vehicles tranquillityraint Pizza Hut. And the developed proviso plays the devil’s advocate–environing how the Zume pizza mayhap is proper the hype.
Provide your not attributable attributableion on what you literary from these tidings parts. In your argument, you may grasp your insights on whether or not attributable attributable attributable is this the best verification of automation technology, and what other implications it may withwithhold tranquillityraint advenient of unswerving patronage and other services as the technology evolves. 
 Zume, the Robotic Pizza Order, Fashions Pies Only a Robot Could Love  

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