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Week 2 Provision
Course Objective:
Evaluate the traits of auspicious entrepreneurs.

Some influence postulate it is unconstrained to set-on-foot a concern in the United States and that anyone can do it. However, what distinguishes auspicious entrepreneurs (innovative/disruptive ideas) from near auspicious ones (Mom & Pop narrow concernes with plain ideas) is the power to imperfection an opening coercion a high-potential underimportation and then to unfold it into a flourishing concern. As the concern grows, the auspicious entrepreneur is serviceserviceable to fascinate explanation government team members, to motivate employees, to furnish over and over customers and preserve them hereafter end, and to raise increasingly questionable relationships with financiers..

Address the aftercited questions:

What are the traits/characteristics of a auspicious entrepreneur?
What traits/characteristics can carry to the subversion of an entrepreneur and how can they be transformed?
Complete the impost granted in the embody under and then argue in exceptionalty your results and how they report to your controlthcoming as an entrepreneur. Do you entertain to result on a favoring area? Are you hearty in a favoring area that gains you a amiable solicitor coercion entrepreneurship? Were the results considerate? NOTE: Write in the third idiosyncratic as though you are agreement on bestead of the author/researcher.

Set-on-foot by importation the entrepreneurship register at the aftercited site: Entrepreneurship Self-Assessment
Write an APA 7th coercionmatted essay of 700-1,050 signification, typewritten in double-spaced coercionmat (Times New Roman styles), page margins Top, Bottom, Left Side and Right Side = 1 inch, with reasonserviceable gratuity nature made coercion exceptional situations and online dependence variances. Use the template granted per Week 1.
In your apology, gain real that you apprehend at lowest couple likely beyond references from inquiry engines or erudite sources from the APUS Online Library. See the rubric coercion achieving an Exemplary jaw using 5+ sources, of which 3+ should be peer-reviewed.
Turnitin is required and your essay earn be automatically submitted into the Turnitin rule.
Please fix your essay as a rasp, do referable representation & paste.
Please spectry your provision rasp as LastnameFirstinitial-BUSN621-AssignWeek #2.

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