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Case Assignment
Review the subjoined word:
Maguire, A. (n.d.). 6 contrariant pricing strategies: Which is suitable coercion your transaction? Retrieved from
Six contrariant types of marketing pricing strategies are mentioned in the over word. In a 3- to 4-page pamphlet, exhaustive the subjoined: 

Rank each of the 6 pricing strategies in direct of the agency coercion sanity solicitude (where 1 identifies the most talented strategy to correction in sanity solicitude).
Provide a inferential overview of each of the 6 pricing strategies, discussing their positives/negatives as it applies to sanity solicitude.
Discuss what is meant by “Figure Transparency” in sanity solicitude, and its goods.

Assignment Expectations

Conduct affixed lore to infer adapted counsel help your decomposition.
Limit your defense to a zenith of 4 pages (not attributable including name and relation pages).
Help your decomposition with peer-reviewed/scholarly words, with at meanest 4 relations. Correction the subjoined with coercion affixed counsel on how to acknowledge peer-reviewed journals:
You may correction the subjoined origin to aid in your coercionmatting your assignment:

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