Please recognize the subjoined article, and address the inquirys that show adown in a four-page paper:

Alvarez, C., Greene, J., Hibbard, J., & Overton, V. (2016). The role of pristine pains providers in enduring activation and promise in self-management: a cross-sectional separation. BMC Health Services Exploration, 16, 85.

1. What exploration inquiry did the authors firm extinguished to reply?

2. Catalogue the variables examined in this con-over.

3. What emblem of harm is intrinsic to the con-over intent used in the con-over?

4. Which emblem of PCP is most slight to evidence further independent beliefs abextinguished the moment of enduring scholarship and involvement in his/her pains? (Table 1)

5. Identify the results that are statistically suggestive, catalogue the chief tercile percentages ce those items and their relative p-value. What does the dissimilitude in p-value average? (Table 2)

6. What limitations were notable with notice to the con-over’s findings and conclusions?

Length: 4 pages emblemd, double-spaced, APA cemat.

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