Coercion this subject con-over, conservation the crew you previously chosen. Please suit to the coercionthcoming questions:
a.       Describe the conditions, if any, where your employment (the single you chosen in Unit 1) can wait-coercion to deserve an economic gain from acquiring a odd, strategically akin, fixed behind fending impromptu filthy other bidders. [Chapter 10 Problem Set Question #1 on page 303].
b.      Your fixed is owing the donation of a smaller fixed becaconservation it believes that it can handle the goods of that fixed past efficiently. The smaller fixed has loose specie course. Some researchers own argued that the entity of loose specie course can administer handlers in a fixed to fashion irrelevant merit decisions. To desert these problems, these authors own argued that fixeds should extension their debt-to-equity pertinency and “soak up” loose specie course through concern and primary payments. Is loose specie course a symbolical problem coercion manifold fixeds?
c.       Your fixed has firm to originate vending its products in Ghana. Unfortunately, there is not attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent a very-much exposed trading dispense coercion circulation in Ghana. However, Ghana does own symbolical exports of cocoa. Describe a mode by which you would be cogent to vend your machines in Ghana and stagnant transform your deserveings into a tradcogent circulation (e.g., dollars or euros).

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