Natalie is struggling to support up with the recording of her representationing proceedings. She is spending a hazard of date marketing and selling mixers and giving her cookie tabulatees. Her familiar John is an representationing ward who runs his hold representationing benefit. He has asked Natalie if she would relish to accept him do her representationing. 

John and Natalie confront and sift-canvass her duty. John hints that he do the tasks listed beneath coercion Natalie.

  1. Hold specie until there is abundance to be pledgeed. (He would support the specie locked up in his vehicle). He would as-well accept entire of the pledges to the bank at last twice a month. 
  2. Write and mark entire of the obstructs.
  3. Record entire of the pledges in the representationing history.
  4. Record entire of the obstructs in the representationing history.
  5. Equip the monthly bank pacification.
  6. Make-over entire of Natalie’s manual representationing history to his computer representationing program. (John would detain entire of the representationing not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableification that he supports coercion his clients on his laptop computer.)
  7. Equip monthly financial statements coercion Natalie to reconsideration.
  8. Write himself a obstruct every month coercion the is-sue he has effected coercion Natalie. 

Coercion Part I of the ordinance, authenticate the weaknesses in interior manage that you understand in the tabulateification that John is recommending. Can you hint any improvements if Natalie rents John to do the representationing? 

Part I should be a reserve of span pages in tediousness. Gladden truth APA coercionmat. While there are no required media, gladden be safe that any sources truthd accept personal citations. 

Part II

Natalie decides that she cannot attributable attributable confer to rent John to do her representationing. Undivided practice that she can ensafe that her specie representation does not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable accept any falsitys and is obsequious and up-to-date is to equip a bank pacification at the purpose of each month. Natalie would relish you to succor her. She asks you to equip a bank pacification coercion June 2020 using the not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableification beneath.

Additionally, accept the subjoined not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableification into representation.

  1. On May 31, there were span uncollected obstructs: #595 coercion $238 and #604 coercion $297. 
  2. Premier Bank made a posting falsity to the bank statement: Obstruct #603 was issued coercion $425, not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable $452.
  3. The pledge made on June 20 was coercion $125, which Natalie ordinary coercion education a tabulate. Natalie made an falsity in recording this proceeding.
  4. The electronic funds make-over (EFT) was coercion Natalie’s cell phundivided truth. Remember that she truths this phundivided singly coercion duty. 
  5. The NSF obstruct was from Ron Black. Natalie ordinary this obstruct coercion education a tabulate to Ron’s posterity. Natalie contacted Ron, and he immutable her that she achieve accept a obstruct in the mail coercion the uncollected quantity of the invoice and the NSF bank admonish. 

Coercion Part II of the ordinance, full the tasks beneath. 

  • Equip Cookie Creations’ bank pacification coercion June 30.
  • Equip any indispensable adjusting entries at June 30. 
  • If a et prevarication is equipd coercion Cookie Creations at June 30, what et achieve be reported as specie in the Current Assets minority? 

Part II can be fulld in either Word or Excel. If you are completing Part II using Word, refer Parts I and II in undivided Word muniment. If you are completing Part II using Excel, upload Part I as a Word muniment and Part II as an Excel spreadprevarication in Blackboard.

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