Undertaking: Theorizing Erection


1.1 Project Pur-poseation
The meaning of this project is to remove and meaning of architect’s architectural supaspect through a lawfulforward remark and partition of his projects. Each of the architectural elements in the separated fabric accomplish be subjugated down and matched with the apt architectural theories. To-boot that, partition of the relationship betwixt erection and its societal, cultural and sober tenor accomplish be elaborated through clarified diagrams and pur-poseation.
1.2 Endground of the Architect
Architect: Looi Mun Kit
LAM I.D: A/L 344
Ar. Looi Mun Kit is single of the monstrosityagers in LNL SDN BHD. He spent most of his childhood in a dispense as it bestows a dissoluble estate knowledge. Therefore, it shapes his idiosyncrasy and his slogan in this opportunity. His apsummit estate brought him up as a frequentedor, a powerful monstrosityager. Cheerful-tempered-tempered opportunities were granted to clear his theme and be correct on what he wants. During his Diploma preceding ages, he does insensibility recognize the theories of erection at integral attributable to the feverish blend of assignments. Succeeding he graduated from his Diploma, he went to is-sue prior continues on his farther surveies at aggravateseas. He gained the most precious lecture abextinguished erection opportunity from his discreet monstrosity. He to the liberal recognizes how this opportunity is-sues succeeding brace preceding ages of making-ready. He passed through his Masterss instead self-possessed. Succeeding his precedency, he continued is-sue beneath his preceding impromptuspring to dissipated impromptu his claim. Succeeding five preceding ages of is-sueing knowledge, he passed his negotiative monograph by primitive cupel.
Ar. Looi has his ain supaspect on erection is a division in our lives. Integral specific system controlmed the erection in mean curtail it creates a estate diction to the portraiturer. He to-boot focuses on phenomenology or the meaning of culminationographic apex. Humonstrosity activities or knowledges of the unboundeds are focused and calculated precisely. Integral unbounded was occupied with alsingle idiosyncrasy to increase the aggravateintegral spacial knowledge. The prevalence painser was calculated in consistently to allow portraiturers to prize integral specific recess of the fabric, usurpation no wastage of unbounded.
1.3 Endground of the Firm
Ar Looi conjointly with his assort compeer, Mr Adrian Liew ruled to disclosed their ain impromptuspring. LNL SDN BHD was established in the twelvemonth 2009. LNL is a pur-pose congregation associated with MK LOOI Architect. The rise of LNL is from the twain monstrosityager Looi and Liew. To-boot that, it continues a farther sentiment of their congregation slogan which is “Lines into a Estatestyle” . LNL has a studio relish impromptuice atmosphere. LNL consist of a knot of pur-poseers that judges in the integrating of the client’s needs with their pur-pose precept that each “lines” could be made into a “lifestyle” .
The impromptuspring is immediately focuses easily on bungalow projects. LNL judged that the community needs to emend their estate diction, and a cheerful-tempered-tempered estate diction is inculcated primary and primitive in homes. By planing emend homes, the capacity of the occupants’ lives accomplish be improved. Not barely that, LNL to-boot judge on cheerful-tempered-tempered is-sue deserves a cheerful-tempered-tempered wage. Hereafter, their rates were ne’er lowered to answer-control the fanciful capacity and their disposition. In coming, LNL is self-possessed initiative in clearer’s project to further expand their sorrow in tenement opportunity.

Project Partition

2.1 Endground of the Iron Leaf, Bentong
The continueing is located at Bentong, Pahang which is 45 kilometers north from Kuala Lumpur. The map of this fabric is a withdrawal impromptuspring control the client. It is an waste unbounded control weekends escaped. The client wants to luxuriate the tranquillize and unquarrelsome domain of ambiance with sort gauge milieus. She to-boot wished to hpreceding a fabric pur-pose to allow her to knowledge nearer to the sort.
The build of this project is to gain an organization that emulates the controlm and the sign of a foliage. This modern-day pur-pose fabric continues extinguished in a rain controlest puting attributable to its compeerriality and the continueing tenor. Steel was portraitured as the restraintemost buildion control this fabric. It creates the lightweight and tall tenderness, it to-boot portraits the total cogitation of a foliage trusting on a tree.
2.2 Architectural Theories
2.2.1 Modernism
The supaspect of modernism can be observed through a separate elements in the fabric. Modernism is testking the apsummit and unartificialness of the fabric monstrosityner. The fabric had shown its unartificialness through extinguishedward pur-pose and spacial layout. Louis Sullivan’s supaspect on ‘contrive flourish function’ is applied in cheerful-tempered-tempered in this fabric. Spatial unison of the fabric is integral piece finished in a implied signifier. Open and peculiar unboundeds are assortified obviously. To-boot that, to increase the aggravateintegral spacial knowledge, the open unboundeds are located at the recess of the fabric where the gauge or uproar would insensibility impression the portraiturer in peculiar unboundeds.
The flourishing sign of a modernism supaspect applied on the fabric pur-pose is the unfastened planning. The map of the gap programs is to film aggravate the systems or name betwixt extinguishedward and toward. Glass panels were portraitured as disjunction system betwixt extinguishedward and toward. The portraiture of glass panel accomplish insensibility blockade the faultless aspects of the encompassing sort and it was brought into the within ( Figure2.2.1 ) . To-boot film aggravateing the boundaries, unfastened sole programs were interpreted as an unfastened estate, kitchen and dining state as open unbounded or as a node.
Following, language of rectangular signifiers and absolute systems were single of the most signifying modernism erection. Diagram 2.2.1 has shown that Iron foliage is pur-pose with sinewy language on absolute systems. As compared to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling H2O, twain of these impromptusprings invadetain the resembling sign.
Last, honestness on matter represented single of the idiosyncrasy in modernism erection. Tenement matters were remained to its most controlmer signifier and tenor. Compeerrial tenor is unprotected and withextinguished any coatings ( Figure2.2.2 ) . Firm wintegral was portraitured to dissimilarity with the wooden sole.
2.2.2 Deconstructivism
Deconstructivism focused on making pandemonium and disjuncture. The roof is the proudlighted apex in this project, where it to-boot continue controling the ingredient of deconstructivism. The roof is insensibility an inferior buffet roof excepting it was finished depicting as a foliage trusting on a tree. The unison of beams bestows demonstrable impressions towards the portraiturer when they primary invade the unbounded. The scantiness of the roof gave a meaning of hanging in a tranquillize calm and a modern-day lection of encircling sort, relish a drifting foliage from a tree. It to-boot bestows a demonstrable visual zeal of cleaveting capriciousness and a inferior pandemonium.
2.2.3 Nice Regionalism and Phenomenology
Nice regionalism agitation is a league of Modernism and Regionalism. Nice regionalism focused on the specificity of a refinement suitableness at the similar curtail usurpation an interpolitical monstrosityner of pur-pose. Erection of nice regionalism gains mentions to the continueing ; it to-boot can be interpreted as mastermind venue. Iron foliage is pur-pose consentaneous to its continueing tenor. Firm stilts to end up the fabric to-boot the bend. The fabric is situated at the proud plant veiling derangementwards the alcoholic of verdures. Hereafter, the impromptuspring should be granted with maximal unfastened unboundeds to follow liberal usage on the timid zeal painser control zealing integral piece cheerful-tempered-tempered as the fulfilling demonstrable visual zeal to the portraiturer. Supaspect of phenomenology is farther pretended in to the pur-pose to increase the aggravateintegral knowledge control the portraiturer. The portraiture of spontaneous matter and gaps repbreath the total tour through the impromptuspring where creates the meaning of culminationographic apex. When the portraiturer invades the fabric, they could knowledge the meaning of accompanying towards the sort where it blends conjointly with the fabric.
2.3.1 Climatic
As the continueing is located on culmination of the hill, the unroot uplawful situate of the plant consentaneous to the shape caused the pur-pose to be a implied elongate fabric. The aggravateintegral signifier of the fabric is dynamic becaportraiture of its controlm. Desire and rectangular fabric was culminationographic apex on the continueing. Important unboundeds are calculated at the twain behalfs. A desire elongate of corridor is parted lawful to the restraintemost open state.
The fabric orientation is pur-pose established on the climatic factors. Pur-pose established on climatic factors accomplish relieve to gain a sustainable pur-pose fabric ( Diagram 2.3.1 ) . To-boot that, it to-boot accomplish relieve to salvage the consume of the fabric by cleave downing unneeded gaps. The northern and south habit of the fabric is the controlepart and derangement upheaves. Twain of these upheaves invadetain a desireer facade. This is to shun the lawfulforward considerableness invades to the fabric during the twenty-four hours curtail. Large gaps on the face upheave are to lay-hold-on the aspect of the brow and to-boot allow daytime to bored into the fabric. In dissimilarity with the left and lawful upheave, twain of it has a shorter facade. Additionally, louvres or shadowing devices are portraitured to shun lawfulforward considerableness or ebullition invades the fabric ( Diagram 2.3.2 ) .
The extra portraiture of the bulky gaps at face upheave is to allow the rife zeal general invades the fabric. Initiative in fact of the zealing, fabric is pur-pose in a rectangular signifier. The desireer behalf of the facade leads the zeal general invades the fabric. Hereafter, the zealing does insensibility discontinue and lawful extinguished from another behalf of the facade ( Diagram 2.3.3 ) . It helps to gain the habitward zealing initiative culminationographic apex within the fabric. Automatic zealing does insensibility constrain in this fabric becaportraiture of the well-mannered-mannered pur-pose of gaps.
In nutshell, the fabric is pur-pose in its best orientation whereby daytime and zealing are maximized to succeed in the fabric. It to-boot a sustainable pur-pose fabric becaportraiture of the motive of structure orientation helps to cleave down most of the automatic or suppositious plain radiation and zealing. Artificial lightings were insensibility required to modify on during twenty-four hours curtail. Last, the impromptuspring is eternally ventilated, hereafter automatic zealing are unneeded.
2.3.2 Compeerrial and Technology
Most of the matters are precast. Compeerrials are clarified or follow painsfully to prodesire and requires partiality pains with motive of the spontaneous environment. Therefore, steel is the restraintemost proud discoloration of the matter. Roof buildion is made from steel and screens with a bed metal shuffle to heed the fabric to its embracing. Steel to-boot portraitured as frames to bestows a lightweight note as allusion anteriorly with the build. To-boot that, steel buildion is fixed and self-possessed to build in tenement activity.
Furthermore, firm was separated as built matter. Controlbearances were built utilizing firm. Unpolished firm or bond rendered surfaces are portraitured to push through the build of modernism whereby honestness on matter. Firm to-boot portraitured to surprise the huge dissimilarity betwixt wooden decks and soleings. It accomplish bestow the meaning of integrating with spontaneous and built.
Furthermore, glass panels are portraitured to furnish the maximal aspects to the portraiturer suitableness they can luxuriate the aspects equal within of the fabric. Additionally, maximise daylighting and zealing can be brought into the fabric. Artificial illuming were insensibility required during the twenty-four hours. The fabric is eternally ventilated becaportraiture of the bulky gaps at the rife zeal general habit. Last, trees that cleave on the continueing are recycled and portraitured as a matter control wares to increase the aggravateintegral compeerriality within the fabric.
Another ingredient to controleground on is the roof buildion. The post that buttresss the roof is calculated as a tree-like-structure. It was a discontinueion impromptu apex from a transmitted part of abundance or clear post, the pur-poseer chose this proceeding engineering system to end up the roof. The tree-like-structure functioned as a unbounded framing and the tenement system was conservative from umbrella buildion. The total cogitation of this tree-like-structure is to bestow an testming to the portraiturer as a tree divergence end uping a colossal resounding foliage. The total roof buildion is fundamentally unprotected. Inner buildion ( beams ) was unprotected to the within. It integralowed the portraiturer knowledge as a colossal foliage covers the total within. The unison of beams is insensibility in a spiritless arranged systems as it flourished the build of deconstructivism, where created a inferior pandemonium signifier. The buildion is pre-fabricated anteriorly puting at the continueing. Last, the buildion is made from separate steel posts and welded conjointly to gain the controlm of the tree divergence.
3.0 Decision
‘Lines into a estatestyle’ is the slogan of LNL, a unartificial system can gain an incalculable potency and shapes the capacity of unboundeds that buttress a estate diction. The slogan to-boot matches Ar. Looi’s theories in erection. Each and integral unbounded occupied with alsingle idiosyncrasy to increase the aggravateintegral spacial knowledge. Prevalence of the toward fabric is pur-pose in consistently and insensibility a specific unbounded is being left extinguished.
Ar Looi emerged successfully on the theories of Modernism, Deconstructivism and Nice Regionalism into this fabric pur-pose. Integral the sign of opposed theories blends in harmoniously as single total pur-pose. Furthermore, to increase the aggravateintegral knowledge in the fabric he portraitures the supaspect of phenomenology. Human’s meanings are pretended on to test the fabric as a culminationographic apex instead than a unbounded. He to-boot performed the pur-pose that respects the metaphorical environment and suiting with the client’s estate diction.
The theories or departed knowledge he learnt during his estate invadetain successfully made him a cheerful-tempered-tempered pur-poseer. Ar Looi and his theories invadetain successfully creates a odd architectural specificity of the Malaysian suitableness removeing the estate capacity to a total odd mark control the community.

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