Case-Study Report

Student must write a case-study report based on an investigation of a community problem listed below.
Students will work in groups but each student will explore a different facet of the issue. In summation, groups will synthesize each aspect and make recommendations regarding management of the problem.

Dubai Water Canal Project
Part of a team of stakeholders including “Business houses”
The Dubai Water Canal Project which has recently been opened is an engineering marvel that will extend Deira Creek linking Business Bay to the Arabian Gulf. This environmentally friendly development will provide captivating beach frontage and unparalleled leisure experience to citizens and tourists. A chain of retail and food outlets is also to be opened along the boardwalk.

You are part of a team of stakeholders including Business Houses constituted by Meydan the developer of the Water Canal Project to help identify the right outlets to be positioned here. Your report will be submitted to Meydan.

This will require gathering information on the Dubai Water Canal project from the internet and other sources.

The social impact of this project may include impact on the environment and residents in the neighborhood.

Research could include studies of other cities with canals like Venice and Amsterdam; impact of canals on business, environment, tourists, neighborhoods etc.


The report must have; at least 1000 words
The report should be used from at least 6 sources (1 book and 5 journals)
Stakeholder: Business Houses
Define the stakeholder. Who are they? What do they do? Why are they important to this issue? Include literature review on scenario and stakeholder.
Impact and evidence
In-depth analysis of a range of aspects concerning the major issues in the scenario. Social impact of the stakeholder on scenario. Evidence for the claims made or key points identified; (Include supporting literature – Direct/indirect quotes / statistics/examples used)
Critical analysis of impact; synthesis of evidence (from literature and in-class survey) and information on
stakeholder leading to individual findings; this logically leads to recommendations in next section.
Conclusion & Recommendations
Final statements regarding findings and solutions above.
Outlined recommendations (practical steps/actions) for your client. Ensure recommendations follow from findings above and are sensible, achievable and socially beneficial:
Individual References
Full references from all in-text citations in your individual section
at least 6 sources (1 book and 5 journals)

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