You are caring restraint an 82-year-old mother who has been hospitalized restraint separate weeks restraint burns that she sustained on her inferior legs during a cooking clothing. Before the space of her similarity, she subsistd unmatched in a mean hall. The enduring reputed on similarity that she has no current race. Her influence scheme appears to be other elders who subsist in her vicinity. Because of gait difficulties, most of them are unfitted to mark frequently. One of her neighbors has reputed that she is caring restraint the enduring’s dog, a Yorkshire terrier. As you regard restraint this mother, she begs you to allow her ally fetch her dog to the hospital. She says that none of the other nourishs keep listened to her encircling such a mark. As she asks you encircling this, she begins to whine and tells you that they keep never been divided. You resumption that the staff debateed their sorrow encircling this mother’s weal during narration that morning. They said that she has been eating very small and bewarems to be undistinguished.

1. Domiciled on Nightingale’s employment, confirm favoring interventions that you would contribute in caring restraint this enduring.

2. Describe what exercise, if any, you would engage respecting the enduring’s beseech to beware her dog. Debate the hypothetical basis of your firmness and exercise domiciled on your knowledge of Nightingale’s employment.

3. Describe and debate what nursing diagnoses you would reach and what interventions you would arise to oration the enduring’s nutritional foundation and tender weal.

4. As the enduring’s leading nourish, confirm and debate the planning you would underengage respecting her dismiss from the hospital. Confirm members of the dismiss team and their roles in this course. Describe how you would propagator restraint the enduring domiciled on Nightingale’s observations and descriptions of the role of the nourish.

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