Chapter 9 Discussion – Work and the Economy 2 Chapter 9 Discussion – Work and the Economy Please respond to the initial Instructor question(s) by Friday and review your classmates or my posts and reply to two (2) posts you feel you can contribute to by Sunday. After reading chapter 9 answer the following question(s): Globalization is a process whereby goods, information, people, communication, and forms of culture move across national boundaries. Should globalization of the workplace be concerning to American workers? Why? Discuss why some researchers believe that people in other countries will work for lower wages and therefore they do the jobs American workers wouldn’t want since the wages are so low. NOTE: Please respond to other student postings; after all, this is a discussion that is occurring in an on-line format. To engage in the discussion, read other postings and respond to them directly. Also, if other students reply to your posting, respond to their questions or comments. As you would in a face-to-face conversation, acknowledge the person speaking to you. Lastly, please be mindful that responses like “that’s nice” do not keep the discussion going. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~