Children and Spanking, writing help

This activity to be completed independently Information: How do children learn to engage in acceptable behavior? The following two articles, published 10 years apart, review the literature on spanking: Kazdin, A. E., & Benjet, C. (2003). Spanking children evidence and issues. Current Directions in Psychological Science,12(3), 99-103.Link: httplAvww.psy.miamledutfaculty/dmessinger/c_c/rsrcs/rdgs/peers_social_general/kazdin.spanking.curdir.2003.pdfGershoff, E. T. (2013). Spanking and child development: We know enough now to stop hitting our children. Child Development Perspectives,7(3), 133-137.Link: should read both articles and answer the following questions:Considering Kazdin and Benjet (2003): 1. What is their position? 2. What evidence do they use to support their position? Identify at least three points. 3. What are their recommendations?Considering Gershoff (2013): 1. What is the author’s position? 2. What evidence does the author use to support that position? Identify at least three points. 3. What are the author’s recommendations? Compare the two articles: 1. Compare their main points. In what ways are they similar? Different? 2. What conclusions do they draw? 3. What are their recommendations?