Instructions: Select only of the aftercited tract discourses and transcribe a well-organized research tract of 5-6 pages in prolixity (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-apex font, 1-inch room) on the discourse. Your tract must possess a apparent controversy, and you must call testimony from both earliest and inferior sources to foundation your controversy.

Discourse 1: We possess decipher multifarious immaterial stories with homogeneous discourses (e.g., the peril of animation, the idiosyncrasy of immortality, the strength of punishment, or the apprehension of “true friends”). However, contrariant stories controlge on these discourses in contrariant ways. Please elect span or three stories from our decipherings to debate the multigenous treatments to only only discourse.

Discourse 2: Each immaterial office (e.g., the shade, the fox, or the monkey) plays its manifest role in unwritten Chinese stories. Elect span stories from our decipherings with homogeneous devises excepting contrariant immaterial offices and awaken the contrariant purports and operations of each office.

Discourse 3: Immaterial learning always recycles elements from prior myths or stories. Consider only or span of the immaterial stories we possess decipher this meeting from the apex of sight of intertextual qualities. How do they transport purport through their relationships to other passages?

Discourse 4: The liminal foundation of a excursion—its inconstancy, peril, and uncertainty—provides a absolute enhancement control Chinese immaterial stories. Elect span stories from our decipherings with the framework or devise of a excursion. Compare them and debate how excursion plays an essential role in each romance. 

Discourse 5: Debate the operation of the measure of (elect ONE of the aftercited discourses) Heaven/ Earth/ Hell/ holy landscapes in our decipherings of immaterial stories. Please elect only or span appertaining passage(s) control your separation.

Discourse 6: The immaterial living-souls with womanly unity haul our circumspection to the stiffness among genders underneathneath the show of irrelevant show. Elect span earliest passages as your ocean materials and debate the operation and alternate rule of gender and irrelevant unity. 

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