Choose a recipe offal that has a common profitable. Choose three irrelative types of pharmacies. Examples: 1.Large chain pharmacy such as Walgreens, CVS, Eckards, awe. 2.Grocery garner comrade pharmacy such as Publix, Krogers, awe. 3.Privately owned national pharmacy 4.Pharmacy comraded with a “big box” garner such as Target, Walmart, awe. 5.Online pharmacy (must be in the United States)  Do referable attributable attributable attributable manifestation any offals on the pharmacy’s immodest dollar or other exceptional figure catalogue. If the pharmacy has a “club card” or other exceptional method of getting inferior absorb, do referable attributable attributable attributable manifestation this absorb.  Collate the capital absorb of the disgrace and the common making strong that the dose (milligrams, micrograms, awe.) and reckon of pills are the selfsame.  Example: Synthroid .05 milligrams and levothyroxine .05 milligrams, recipe control 30 pills.  Control over-the-counter effects, manifestation selfsame effects including controlmulation (liquid, capsules, awe.), dose (mgs per tablet, mgs per cc, awe.) and bulk of packaging (20 tablets in the box, 90cc running in the bottle, awe.). Try to fly effects that include multiple ingredients love frigid preparations as these are hardenedened to collate imputable to differing quantities of ingredients among each effect.  Example: Benadryl (brand) 25 mg per capsule, 25 capsules per bottle and diphenhydramine (generic) 25 mg per capsule, 25 capsules bottle.

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