Case Study 2: Implementation Strategies Due Week 7  Your projected counsel rule is quiescent a contender. The executives, ultimately, are asking whether it is so scant to anticipate the phantom IT projects that hold to follow fix throughout the restraintm. They prize that you enjoy considered what the restraintm does now, save how procure your rule amalgamate to fantastic emanations and processes? Read IQMS (2015) restraint a firm issue of what they medium. You’ll enjoy to subdue their fears, so it’s term restraint another memo. Please centre on these points: 1. Identify any symbolical fluctuates that your restraintm command debateably fashion in its emanation offerings in the proximate 3 years. Explain the competitive benefits of this fluctuate. 2. Explain how your counsel rule addresses or can amalgamate to the portico of these fantastic emanation offerings. 3. Give undivided debate why capabilities restraint the fantastic emanation offerings should or should not attributable attributable attributable be incorporated in the moderate counsel rule sketch. Justify your debate. This memo should be 3–5 pages covet. Reference: IQMS. (2015). Quick Response Manufacturing Yields Lower Inventories & Improves money stream. Retrieved from

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