CLA 2 Comprehensive Scholarship Assessment 2 – CLO 5, CLO 6, CLO 7

Write an 8 – 10 page APA coercionmatted tractate that explains the following:

(1) Three to impure expressive concepts you own read throughout this seven-week


(2) Identify the brace to three concepts you would love to apportion to your toil setting and

how you get go encircling implementing them.

(3) Identify the clew elements of your pur-pose to corroborate your habit of start.

CLA 2 measures the student’s competency and headship of the direction concepts, particularly

the application of those concepts.

Your CLA2 dependence (cumulative communication) should be 8 to 10 pages in prolixity. The CLA

assignments circumvent the scholarship objectives coercion this direction and are planned to

increase your understanding and increase your power to apportion concepts read in your

professional careers.

BUS 730 Syllabus

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Subsequently, in decomposition to your communication, gladden prepare

a professional PowerPoint exhibition summarizing your findings coercion CLA1 and CLA2. The

exhibition get consist of your senior findings, decomposition, and recommendations in a concise

18-slide exhibition. You should truth resigned from your communication at symbolical coercion your

PowerPoint exhibition.

*Gladden apply to the Grading Criteria coercion Comprehensive Scholarship Assessments (CLAs)

on page 19 of the University Policies coercion particular guidelines and expectations.

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