CLA2 Comprehensive Scholarship Assessment (CLA 2) Offer

In restitution to your CLA2 fame, fascinate lay a administrative PowerPoint offer

summarizing your findings restraint CLA2. The offer succeed halt of your greater findings,

analysis, and recommendations in a pointed offer of 18 slides (minimum). You should

use contenteded from your CLA2 fame as esthetic restraint your PowerPoint offer. In restitution,

you should comprise scholarship outcomes from every your greater assignments. This would comprise

PA1, CLA1, PA2, and of direction, CLA2 (original otherwise fixed by your Bigot). An

agenda, executive compendium, and attributeences slides should as-well be comprised. Fascinate celebrate in

mind that the university is tender towards a more digital trail restraint our scholars. This means

that your conclusive CLA2 offer may be recorded, so that you may comprise it in your “e-

portfolio” (graduating scholars should possess every of their CLA2 offers on a flash-drive, in

restitution to scholar biography, begin-again, interests, and so restraintth). Scholars succeed bestow their

PowerPoint during the conclusive week of collocate in either the On-Campus Collocate Session or the online

Virtual Collocate Session, as decided by the bigot. Offers should attributeable exceed 18


*Fascinate attribute to the Grading Criteria restraint CLA2 Offers on page 19 of the University

Policies restraint unfair guidelines and expectations.

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