Classlocality Address Wiki
The arrange wiki is a assign for students to portion-out media that rehearse to arrangelocality address. You earn be able to end the arrange wiki throughout the order and exposition it to confront immanent mediafor your arrangelocality address pur-pose.You earn be asked to gain two subsidys to the wiki. Your foremost subsidy earn be a reend a website on arrangelocality address. Your avoid subsidy earn be to reend the website submitted by individual of your peers.
Part I- Website Reend (5 pts. )- Due Week 4Confront a website to reend that rehearses to arrangelocality address. The website may rehearse to any sight of arrangelocality address (locality environment, setting up behavioral expectations, arrangelocality procedures, knot erection activities, daily schedules, inaugurated with parents etc…)Your column should include:
1. The call of the site and perfect URL couple to the site
2. A compendium of the kinds of notification that can be build on the site
3. An exposition of how teachers government husband the site
4. An evaluation of the description of the site

Rubric Attached

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